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Luffy battles Magellan inside the Blazing Hell.Summary:As the regular guards scurry for cover, Magellan and Luffy stand off against each other while frightened Bon warns Luffy not to touch the chief warden. Magellan tells Luffy and Bon they are trapped on the level and the warden suddenly attacks Luffy with his poison hydras. Luffy tries to escape by jumping on top a stone block suspended from the ceiling by chains, but Magellan fires a Chloro Ball that covers the nearby area with tear gas. As Luffy struggles to keep his eyes open, Magellan uses his hydra to get to Luffy's platform. Luffy barely dodges Magellan's attacks and falls back on to one of the main bridges.As Luffy and Magellan continue to battle, Bon tries to call up his courage but he succumbs to his fear and abandons Luffy. Meanwhile, Mr. 3 and Buggy are scouting out Hannyabal and the guards standing who are standing in front of the stairs back to level 3. After discussing things, Mr. 3 and Buggy decide to attack Hannyabal's forces in an effort to escape from the prison.Back in the middle of the level, Magellan stands over Luffy and tells the young pirate to give up, but Luffy charges up instead. Luffy decides that he's willing to sacrifice his hands to win the fight and nails Magellan in the stomach with a Jet Bazooka.Magellan is definitely going to have a stomach ache after this.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Looks like all of the helpers that Luffy has recruited along the way has abandoned him, and now he's on his own to deal with Magellan. Things still don't look too bad though since if Luffy can defeat or escape from Magellan, then he can go recharge at the kitchen. Luffy probably also needs the poison antidote since he has touched Magellan. Magellan probably won't go don't that easily, but he definitely took some damage from Luffy's Jet Bazooka. As for the other characters, I don't think Buggy and Mr. 3 can handle Hannyabal, so the two escapees will probably ending running back to Luffy. As for Bon, his fear got the best of him but perhaps he will convince Mr. 1 to help out Luffy's cause.
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