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Once again, I went for Static and Eclipse's release of Kanon. I couldn't wait for afk's to come out, and I refused to download TWH and Sprocket's version. In anyways, Tomokazu Sugita sounded a lot more... brutal, being as Yuuichi, compared to being Kyon. I noticed all the fights and shouts he did when fighting with Kyouko... no I mean Makoto. lol. Makoto is a girl with long orange colour hair who had made her first appearance in the previous episode bumping into... no wait, it wasn't like how Ayu met Yuuichi, it was more of... hitting, yeah, Makoto went straight to Yuuichi and started hitting him. Now, that's the right sentence. On the other hand, the quiet girl also from the previous episode made another of her appearance in this episode. The girl, Shiori, has a really nice voice that anyone would instantly fall in love with (or at least I would). Mainly it's because the voice of the girl makes your mind go blank; you are unable to think of anything else, but be mesmerized! It reminds me of Honey-kun from Ouran Koukou Host Club. Plus, this girl has a pretty cute look, with two big blue sparkling eyes, a small cherry-like mouth and her short, brown hair."...if you have amnesia, then how do you remember me?""...well, if you are going to live here, we need you to remember what your name is,""Yo! Your name would be... Satsumura Kyouko!" It's decided! >:D "Yuuichi carried the unconcious Makoto back home to Akiko's place. Both Akiko and Nayuki had thought that Makoto was some sort of... ingredient for the udon they're planning to make. What were the two mother and daughter thinking, I wonder. Within minutes, Makoto was awaken with Yuuichi shouting by her ear, and Makoto jumped around asking for food. In the end, Makoto had dinner in Akiko's place... and ended up staying in the house too, because she claimed that she had amnesia, and the only thing she remembered was having a grudge towards Yuuichi. Akiko had approved her staying in her house. Well... since Makoto had amnesia, she couldn't remember her name, and so, Yuuichi gave her a temporary name: Satsumura Kyouko. Makoto said that her name was much cuter, and Yuuichi argued that the name would not get any cuter by working hard on remembering it. The arguement goes on. Makoto looks alot like Mikuru from this angle..."Chance...""WAA!" Yuuichi puts a slice of cold ham onto Makoto's the midnight, Makoto quietly went and search for something to eat in the refrigerator, but unluckily for her, Yuuichi caught her red handed, and decided to give her a punishment, by sliding a slice of ham into the back of Makoto. Makoto ended up jumping up and down in shock, and that woke up everyone. Akiko decided to make supper for them..."I saw you, and since you're not a student, I came to check on you."The next day in school, Yuuichi saw the girl he had saw a day earlier. She wasn't in her uniform and was walking in the snow. As soon as the bell rang, Yuuichi ran down and have a check on the mysterious girl. It was known that the girl did not go to school because she has a sickness... and the sickness is fever.The two senior girls that Yuuichi and Nayuki saw the other day..Yuuichi and Nayuki saw another two of their seniors, both also females. One of them, Kawasumi Mai, is literally a mix of Setsuna from Mahou Sensei Negima, Yuki Nagato of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Kaoru of Air. Both of the look like some clever and wise students."Uguu~" Yuuichi version."I'll continue searching for something that is missing..."Yuuichi then went for a walk, and ended up meeting with Ayu, once again. They had some Taiyakis, and Ayu told Yuuichi that she would be going to look for something missing. In the end, they visited a few places, mostly related with food, but found nothing. Who was that? What's happenning?Meanwhile in school... something was happenning. To be continued in the next episode of Kanon.
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