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Yesh, I grabbed them as soon as the subs were released. But nope, I will not go into the details of the episode or how bad the quality of the subs are. Until now, there are two groups releasing this anime series. First of all, Static-Subs collaborating with Eclipse and secondly, afk. I got Static's version because they were out earlier. Although so, when I have downloaded around 50% of Static's release, I found out that afk had also released theirs. I felt that afk's should be better (I have downloaded three anime series from the group namely Full Moon wo Sagashite, Karin and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), but again, I have also thought about Static and Eclipse's Shakugan no Shana, as they also did a good job in subbing Shakugan no Shana. But now I do feel like regretting on getting Static+Eclipse's. I don't like the text font they're using. All I can hope is that afk won't repeat the same mistake they did when subbing Karin.Yuuichi looks a lot like Kyon in this angle!Now back on topic about the episode. Yuuchi is the main male character played by Tomokazu Sugita, better known for his role as Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. He had just returned from somewhere, and he has been waiting for 2 hours under the snow in the train station for his female cousin, Nayuki. Nayuki looks alot like Asakura Ryoko...scary!This female cousin of his has a long blue hair with a 'cat's ear' hair style and a pretty voice. Disturbingly, this reminds me of Asakura Ryoko from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Although so, she's the total opposite of Asakura Ryoko by being the captain of her school's track team. She claimed that she can run 100m in 7 seconds and break the world record. lol. If she is able to do so, then from today onwards, Kyon is the Secretary General of the United Nations.</sarcasm>Whoo... hot water!And yeah... it was so cold in winter in Japan that they had to use hot water to melt the snow on the lock of the gate so that they open it and leave the house."You'd better appologize for the taiyaki, as I'll be paying..."Then comes this little girl, Ayu, which resembles Misuzu from Air a lot. Instead of "Gao~", she repeats "Uguu~" over and over again. And... she has fetish on some fish shaped mooncakes, what was it called again, taiyaki, yeah, taiyaki, and she even bought a pack without paying. She's a total cry baby. Is she bullied? Is this a sibling fight?I was wondering, was this teknik plot imbas kembali (remembering the past plot technique) really popular among anime creators? Somehow, I have encountered with quite a number of anime series recalling their memories, like for example, Tonagura and Full Moon wo Sagashite. But that's what happened. Yuuchi recalled his memories he had with Ayu whe he was small. I'm expecting more.
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