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Luffy is defeated by Magellan and thrown into Level 5 of Impel Down.Summary:At the doorway to Level 3, Hannyabal and his guards have defeated Buggy and Mr. 3. Elsewhere on the Level 4, Mr. 2 is running away from the Luffy-Magellan fight was plowing through a group of guards. Meanwhile, Magellan is a little surprised but otherwise not injured from Luffy's punch, while Luffy is already starting to suffer from the effects of the poison. Luffy summons all his strength to attack and impresses Magellan with his mental toughness, but chief warden proves to be too much for the young pirate. Magellan blinds Luffy with a poison cloud and finally knocks the young pirate out with his hydra attack. After defeating Luffy and leaving him for dead, Magellan orders the guards to throw Luffy into Level 5. A guard suddenly arrives and reports that a problem has occurred at the way back to Level 3.Magellan: Nobody gets to tap me in the belly. Nobody!!!Luffy is quickly dragged by the guards to Level 5, known as the Frozen Hell. Some of the freezing prisoners spot Luffy but notes that the young pirate has already been poisoned by Magellan.Back on Level 4, Magellan arrives at the entrance to way to Level 3 and finds Hannyabal and his forces have been completed annihilated. The defeated Hannyabal reports that he and the guards were defeated by Mr. 2, who ran back up to Level 3, but he left Buggy and Mr. 3 behind. Magellan states that Mr. 3 is not a big concern right now and reorganizes his troop for the clean-up. Hannyabal tells the guards to look for Mr. 2 and afterwards brings Buggy and Mr. 3 to an interrogation room. Inside the interrogation room, Buggy and Mr. 3 breathe a sigh of relief as "Hannyabal" is really Mr. 2 in disguise. Mr. 2 tells his co-escapees that they have no time to waste and must go rescue Luffy. Buggy and Mr. 3 wonder why Mr. 2 is so concerned about Luffy, and Mr. 2 adamantly states that it's because Luffy is his friend.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Luffy gets beat, but as a bonus he gets a free pass to Level 5 where Ace is. I didn't think that Luffy would be able to beat Magellan as it, but I thought he would make it to the kitchen for a recharge, but looks like that won't happen. Luffy is obviously going to be revived one way or another, so right now it's just a time-out for our dungeon-crawling pirate hero. On the other hand, Bon, Buggy, and Mr. 3 has eluded capture so far, but unfortunately for them Sadi-chan and the beast guards are still guarding the way to Level 5. I guess Bon will probably have to recruit some help (likely Mr. 1) in order to get past Sadi-chan.
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