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Kishin has transformed!! He has gotten bigger and is looking less like a human! With this new form, he looks and moves like a clumsy giant. I think I prefer how he looked in the last episode.Another important development in this episode is that Soul has finally lost to his inner red devil or black blood. This is kind of expected as it's about time for the red devil to play a role.It's cool to see Kid, Black Star and Maka in action again but it seems like they are not powerful enough yet as they can't even scratch Kishin! It's for certain that they will get their power-ups soon so that they can kick Kishin's ass. The question is how are they going to do so in such a short period of time (2 episodes).Anyway, in the preview, something seems to be happening to Kid. I can't quite figure what it is but he seems to be getting a power boost. Yea!! Can't wait! Next episode's preview:SummaryAfter Kishin kills and consumes Arachne’s soul, he transforms and builds a barrier around himself. Realizing that Shinigami-sama has indeed lost to Kishin, Maka vows to defeat Kishin. Black Star sees Kishin's barrier and immediately runs towards Kishin, leaving Mifune and Angela behind. As for Kid, just as he is wondering about what the barrier is, Excalibur appears and explains that it is built to allow Kishin to heal his wounds, which he sustained from the fight with Shinigami-sama. After Excalibur finishes talking, Kid also decides to fight Kishin and he jumps off Death City and heads towards the barrier.Kid, Black Star, and Maka all jump into the black barrier before it completely seals. They are shocked to see how much Kishin has changed. However, they’re still determined to fight and they decide to use Soul’s piano music to create a resonance link. Despite the Soul Resonance, none of them is able to injure Kishin. As the battle goes on, Maka feels more and more uneasy. Midway through the battle, the red devil in Soul's world sneaks up on Soul and absorbs him. This turns Soul back to his human form, leaving Maka without a weapon.Meanwhile, Stein has successfully saved Crona. Marie is happy that Crona is alive but yet feels bad about the mean things she had said to Crona. Elsewhere, Giriko is still no match for Justin. The fight only ends when Justin alerts Giriko that Arachne is dead.Back in the barrier, since everyone is unsure of what has happened, Kishin surrounds everyone with illusions and reveals that Soul has used too much power and is paying the price for trying to keep his sanity while using the black blood. Black Star manages to use his sword and dispel the illusions. He, together with Kid, begins their attacks on Kishin to keep Kishin busy so that Maka can enter Soul’s world to save Soul. Inside, she only sees black and white. Just beside her, there's a door. She opens the door and sees a long flight of steps and more doors. The steps and the doors eventually lead Maka to a room with a blue door. This room, unlike other rooms, has color. Maka finds a phonograph playing music and a black and white Soul, who claims he’s been waiting for her.Back in the real world, Kishin is getting bored with Black Star and Kid, and he easily knocks them aside. Kishin then shoots a beam at Maka and Soul, who are trapped in Soul's world, but Black Star and Kid use themselves as shields to protect their friends. With that, Black Star and Kid vow to end everything.PicturesThe barrier created by KishinShinigami-sama and Spirit are in critical condition.I like the way Kid jumps into the barrier!! Cool!~~The 3 friends reunite!Soul plays the piano to resonate everyone's souls.The fight begins! Despite the mutiple attacks, Kishin is unscathed.The red devil slowly approaches Soul and consumes him.Maka enters Soul's world. (I thought they are going to kiss!! (^з^))Kishin is getting bored with Kid and Black Star and he easily knocks them aside.Kishin tries to attack Maka and Soul but..Black Star and Kid come to their rescue.
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