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Kid is defeated! (v.v) Though this is expected, I still hate to see it happen.I like how they animate Kid's power up. With the power up, Kid finally has perfectly symmetrical lines on his hair. (^.-) Too bad, it only lasts a few moments.As for Maka and Soul, I'm not exactly impressed with the way they defeat the red Devil. It makes the red Devil seems real weak. I was expecting a more dramatic ending.Anyway, next week's episode will be the final episode. My predictions are Maka will power up and defeat Kishin, Death City will return to its original location, Shinigami has fully recovered and is back to his cheerful self, and Mifune is a sinseh in Shibusen. Next episode's preview:SummaryInside the room, the black and white Soul closes the door and claims that he’s stuck in the room because he has used too much black blood and the black blood has absorbed more than half of his soul. There’s only one way out. He tells Maka to open a box which supposedly contains his courage. The truth is this is a trap set up by the red Devil and the box actually contains Soul himself. If Maka were to open it, Soul's soul would be completely swallowed by the black blood.Meanwhile, Black Star and Kid are still fighting Kishin. Despite the relentless attacks, they are still unable to do much damage. Feeling guilty for doubting his father and Shibusen and feeling responsible for everything that has happened, Kid enters into Soul Resonance with Liz and Pattie, and vows to finish Kishin. Black Star insists on attacking first, but before he can do anything, Kishin suddenly attacks Kid while Kid is powering up for his last all-out attack. Kid, however, rises up again with his eyes glowing, and he continues to power up. The unsymmetrical white lines on his hair start to lengthen and stretch around the circumference of his head, creating a perfect symmetry. Kishin recognizes it as Line of Sanzu and decides to finish Kid off before things get complicated. When Kishin tries to attack Kid again, Black Star jumps in and uses everything he has to get Kishin to concentrate on him instead. Kid eventually finishes his power up and, Liz and Pattie are turned into giant gold cannons. Kid focuses all his energy and shoots. The shot appears to vaporize Kishin, however, after Kid collapses, Black Star realizes that Kishin is not finished yet. The attack has only transformed Kishin back to his human form. At that moment, Black Star feels that it is his fate after all to surpass god.Back to the room, Maka senses that something is wrong with the black and white Soul. She then realizes that he’s not Soul. The red Devil reveals himself and claims that he’s actually a part of Soul and Soul is a part of him. He gives Maka two choices. She can either choose to abandon Soul in the box without opening it or to open the box and see a Soul who is completely controlled by madness. After a few moments, Maka decides to open the box. Before she does so, she vows to save Soul. When the box is opened, Maka is drawn into the world of the box. She starts looking around for Soul and the moment she sees Soul, she hugs him and together they break out of the madness. Thanks to Maka, Soul is now in control again, and he decides to eat the tiny red Devil. Returning to the real world, the two are shocked to find Kid and Black Star seriously injured, and Kishin still standing.PicturesDespite being attack by Kishin, Kid continues to power up!Kishin tries to attack Kid again but Black Star prevents him from doing so.Finally! Perfect Symmetry!2000% Resonance! 0% Noise. Death Cannon!Kishin is defeated?Kid collapses after the fight.Nope! Kishin is still standing strong.Black and white Soul keeps forcing Maka to open up the box.The box contains Soul's soul, not Soul's courage.The red Devil is black and white Soul.Maka decides to open the box. She plans to save Soul at the same time.She enters into the world of the box and saves Soul.Soul eats up the red Devil!Soul and Maka are back, but they find only their friends lying on the ground.
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