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Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger 13 WTF, is my blog is turning into a Hajime no Ippo fanblog or something? Oh wait, I should have pretended it was for real, as an April Fools Joke. On a side note, I hate April Fools. But I loved this episode! Obviously the highlight for me was Ippo’s attempted confession of his love for Kumi - thwarted as usual, because she passes out drunk and misses the whole thing. But it was done in a very cute way, with Ippo making boxing analogies inside his head the whole time. Like opening with a jab (an anecdote to lead up to the confession) instead of going straight in with a power punch. And the fact that he’s far more scared of little Kumi than he is of Date and Sendou’s powerful punches (above) was adorable. I honestly laughed out loud when he was racking his brain over what to say and Coach Kamogawa popped up telling him to “JAB!”. Besides the Kumi x Ippo cuteness, there were a lot of funny moments this episode thanks to the three stooges, Takamura, Aoki and Kimura. Takamura’s pervertedness seems to know no bounds, and Aoki’s attempt at revenge on Takamura for groping his girlfriend backfires hilariously as expected. The funniest part of the episode for me though was when Takamura freaks out alone, thinking he’s being attacked by ghosts in the water (foreshadowed by Ippo’s ghost story) and ends up beating Nekota to a pulp accidentally. Okay, maybe the world middleweight contender beating up a poor old man isn’t really very funny but watching Takamura’s reaction was hysterical.
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