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凉风 #130 理由 りゆう This is the brief summary by Hi no Ken Jebus, I'll write mine when I reach my university. As yamato and asahina come back from shopping she asks him about Touto. He says Arima annoyed him but everyone is nice and what not. She tells him that's great he should go for it instead of seijou. After that they go into reminisce mode and she says she's surprised he made captain of the team. Yamato says it was because he was chasing after her because she would have thought he'd quit after she left. After he asks to take a break, she mentions the first time she arrived they also went shopping like this and how they met. He says he complimented because he thought she'd be happy. She then says she was and that's why she went to america. Then next day saki leaves after telling him to go for seijou since asahina is that girl he can't seem to forget about. Also, you can view samples of Suzuka 2007 Calendar at Ollin. Strongly recommend visiting, he's also a vivid fan of Suzuka manga.
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