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Luffy and company escape through the Gates of Justice thanks to someone making the ultimate sacrifice.Maybe not as impressive as Moses splitting open the Red Sea, but still pretty impressive.Summary:The prisoners celebrate after getting on the Marine battleship, but their cheers are short-lived when the other battleships start firing at their ship. The Marines and Magellan thinks that the escapees are trapped by the Gates of Justice, but to everyone's surprise the gates actually opens for Luffy's ship to pass through. At the Impel Down generator room, Bon (disguised as Magellan) orders the guards to close the gates as soon as Luffy's ship passes through. Realizing that he had been had, the real Magellan rushes the generator room to confront his impostor. Back on the ship, Luffy finds out about Bon's plan and wants to go back to help Bon, but Jimbei states that would make Bon's sacrifice useless. Jimbei then hands Luffy a Den Den Mushi to talk the Bon presumably for the last time.Back at the generator room, Bon gives up his disguise and is in the process of taunting Magellan when Luffy's voice suddenly rings through his Den Den Mushi. As Luffy and the other prisoners ask Bon to say something, Bon is overcome with emotions and tells Luffy to make sure he saves Ace. At this point Luffy's ship has just passed the Gates of Justice, and the call is disconnected as the gigantic gates close behind the ship. While they have successfully escaped the prison, Luffy, Ivankov and many of the prisoners start crying because they realize their escape came at a heavy price.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I was wondering where Bon was in the latter parts of the last chapter. Well, here he is, staying behind to open the gates so Luffy and the other escapees can get away. I guess Bon was built exactly for this "heroic sacrifice" role. Bon probably faces certain death now that Magellan has found him out, but Bon might still live given how people rarely ever die in One Piece. The only guy I remember dying was the Hyena dude who was killed by Flamingo, and of course people died during Robyn's flashbacks. Don't be surprised he shows up again alive and well somewhere down the road.Anyways, thanks to Bon's sacrifice, Luffy and company have crossed the Gates of Justice and are heading to Marineford. While Luffy, Jimbei, and Ivankov's gang are on the same page about saving Ace, Crocodile and the others probably has other plans. Croc wants a piece of Whitebeard so he might end up replacing Blackbeard for the World Government. Buggy and the other prisoner probably want to get as far away from Marineford and Impel Down as possible, but they'll probably be dragged along since they are weak. With all the admirals, vice admirals, and most of the Shichibukais at Marineford, Luffy's gang seems woefully inadequate, but the defensive forces are probably preoccupied with Whitebeard's crew, giving Luffy an opportunity to sneak in during the chaos. Luffy also has Hancock and perhaps his grandpa on his side too. In any case, the battle at Marineford should be quite the gigantic mess given how many powerful fighters are involved.
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