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Reinforcements arrive in fight against Yammy.Step aside Ichigo. The captains need their screen time.Summary:As Yammy collapses from the Getsuga, Rukia notices that Ichigo's hollow mask is a lot different than before. Ichigo also notices something different about his mask and wonders if his lost of control during the fight against Ulquiorra had something to do with it. Yammy quickly recovers with only a shallow wound on his neck, and the big arrancar starts blasting Ichigo with a barrage of bala. Ichigo and Yammy exchange some trash talk and Ichigo tries to form his mask but fails, and this allows Yammy to grab Ichigo. Yammy is about to crush Ichigo, but suddenly he is hit by a kido spell and one of his legs is sliced off. Byakuya and Kenpachi then appear on the scene arguing with each other.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The shinigami captains finally show up to the ball game. I was wondering where they were when Rukia and company are busy fighting. I guess they are probably waiting for the right moment to make the coolest entrance. It was perfect timing in this case as Ichigo's hollow mask powers failed him. Since Aizen has shown us that the Espada aren't all that great, Byakuya and Kenpachi can probably handle Yammy unless Yammy still has more power-ups. I have a feeling that Ichigo is going to sit out this fight since he'll probably need some time to sort out his powers. The keen-eyed observers have already mentioned in the last chapter that Ichigo's mask is different than before and is closer to the mask of the savage semi-hollow Ichigo, but there are no horns. The next stage of development for Ichigo is probably to learn and control that horned transformation.
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