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Kenpachi and Byakuya take over the fight against Yammy while Ichigo prepares to go back to Karakura Town."Do ya get beat half to death every damn place you go?" LOLSummary:Kenpachi tags into the fight against Yammy and Byakuya tells Ichigo to go take a hike. Kurotsuchi and Nemu arrive with a wagon full of loot from Szyal's lab and Kurotsuchi explains he can open a Garganta portal for Ichigo and Unohana to return to Karakura Town. Ichigo is reluctant to leave, but Byakuya reminds Ichigo of his duty to protect the town (and that Ichigo sucks), and Ichigo gets the message as the Garganta opens.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So Kurotsuchi has found a way to open a Garganta back to the human world, but why only send Ichigo and Unohana? Wouldn't it be better to take all of Ichigo's friends as well since there's not much of a point for them to stay in Hollow-Land. With Ichigo in his current impotent state (in regards to his mask), he's probably not going to be much help if he goes up against Aizen's trio. The classic/predictable plot development would be that Ichigo will arrive too late to stop Aizen from moving on to Soul Society, but hopefully the story won't be as predictable. I wonder if the narrative is going to stick with Ichigo or follow the fight against Yammy.Other notes on the chapter: Kenpachi's comment about Ichigo getting beat half-to-death every place he goes was pretty hilarious. It's funny because it's so true. And Byakuya is still as haughty as ever, telling Ichigo that "his aid isn't considered significant" to any of the captains even though the hollow-side of Ichigo almost whooped him in chapter 166. Oh well, Bleach characters all tend to be big on talk.
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