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The shinigamis and Vizards are about to gang up on Aizen.Honestly, Ichigo, we were just waiting for you to arrive so we can take the group photo.Summary:The shinigamis and Vizards take turns to encourage and pledge support for Ichigo, their holy savior. Meanwhile, Unohana goes to take a look at Hyori who is being kept alive by Hachigen. Hitsugaya launches into action first and clashes with Aizen with both swords and words, but Aizen unleashes his trash talking skills and riles up Hitsugaya. While pissing off Hitsugaya, Aizen also has to deal with Kyoraku who sneak attacks twice, but Aizen repels both attempts. Hitsugaya is so pissed that he unleashes his bankai, but Kyoraku warns him to not be so hasty.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It certainly looks like Kubo is setting Aizen up to cut through a few of the good guys so that Ichigo can get into the fighting mood. As people have mentioned already, if the shinigamis and Vizards were going to gang up on Aizen then why didn't they do it sooner? They waited until Ichigo arrived just so that Ichigo can stay on the sidelines and watch? I suppose by shounen-hero logic, perhaps it makes perfect sense. Since Hitsugaya charged into the fray first, he's probably going to be the first one to fall victim to Aizen, but Hitsugaya probably won't die given his popularity among fans. Given that everyone's attention seems to be on Aizen, I'm guessing that Gin is going to get more easy kills. Nobody is paying attention to that guy, and he seems to have disappeared from the story in the last few chapters.
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