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<spoiler 'show="" spoiler="" for="" bleach="" chapter="" 392'="" 'hide="" spoiler="" for="" bleach="" chapter="" 392'="">I actually enjoyed reading this chapter even if it was pretty much what I expected in terms of Aizen wtfpwning everyone after revealing his illusion. I really wanted to use this this image above, but I had to stop myself because I knew people would scream spoilers. Anyway, the Hinamori bit was a very fun twist, and while I don't consider myself a Hitsugaya hater, I was rather delighted with this development. It pretty much means that Aizen was letting everyone hit him just so that he could deal such a devastating psychological blow, and it made me like him more as a villain even if it once again demonstrated how overpowered he is.   I'm curious when exactly Aizen made the switch and why Ichigo didn't say anything sooner, but that might never be clearly explained since he already insinuated that he's been using Kyouka Suigetsu all along. I also wonder if Hinamori will actually die from this or if she'll survive like I'm sure everyone else will. Either way, Unohana will probably be extra busy now and is even less likely to fight. That might mean that just Ichigo and Yamamoto are left to face Aizen and Ichimaru, so maybe one of them will finally do something. There's always the possibility of course that more good guys will arrive, like Yoruichi or Isshin, though I'm not holding out hope. </spoiler> Note: There is no chapter of Bleach next week.
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