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<spoiler 'show="" spoiler="" for="" bleach="" chapter="" 395'="" 'hide="" spoiler="" for="" bleach="" chapter="" 395'="">As expected, Aizen did have another card up his sleeve and one final use for Wonderweiss. I found it a bit of a cheap way to get rid of Yamamoto - if nothing else, I would have thought that the old man of all people would have been immune to his own flames or have been able to suck them up or something. In fact, I wouldn't have been surprised if Yamamoto had just let Wonderweiss explode and take everything with him, but no, he had to do the noble thing and sacrifice himself to stop it. Fortunately it wasn't truly the end of him, and I have to give him props for still being able to let out his devastating cremation attack. Unfortunately, I suspect Aizen is much too hax to be hurt in any significant way by it. He only looks a little singed, and while this might be as good a chance as Ichigo will get to attack - and I certainly do enjoy seeing Aizen's WTF face - I can't imagine that Aizen's been weakened enough that Ichigo will suddenly be able to handle him. Hopefully something like this won't happen. :D</spoiler>
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