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Everything is still going according to Aizen's plans.I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt,so sexy it hurts.Summary:Yamamoto sacrificed himself to use hadou #96 to burn Aizen. Aizen barely escapes, but he is confronted by Ichigo's Getsuga. Ichigo manages to would Aizen on the shoulder before Aizen can fend him off. Much to Ichigo's surprise, Aizen quickly regenerates from his injury, but he reveals that he is using the power of the Hougykou implanted on his chest instead of any hollow powers. Aizen then states that all of Ichigo's fights up until now were all according to his plan.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A somewhat slow chapter this week. Kubo got lazy again after the pretty decent chapter last week. So despite Yamamoto sacrificing himself for the hadou blast, everything is still going according to Aizen's plans. It was a slight surprise that Aizen didn't turn himself into a hollow, but the hougykou was probably a better device. I suppose we shouldn't have expecting anything else. I'm looking forward to hearing Aizen's explanation of how everything was "in his palm" all along even though no matter how preposterous it might turn out to be. Maybe it'll turn out that Ichigo is the key to the shinigami king's realm or something like that lol.
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