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Urahara vs. Aizen. As a store owner, Urahara knows how to gift wrap large items (including people). Summary: Aizen gloats to Urahara that he is now able to control the Hougyoku even though Urahara was the person who made it, but Urahara is unfazed. Aizen quickly rushes and stabs Urahara in the chest, but that turns out to be a clone. Urahara uses the opportunity to hit Aizen with a barrage of bakudo spells and then blast Aizen with hado #91. While Ichigo is watching slack-jawed from the sidelines, Urahara notes that Aizen is becoming overconfident after gaining control of the Hougyoku. Suddenly, Aizen reappears behind Urahara, and Urahara turns around only to be slashed in the chest. Aizen boasts that he can now attack without care because he has the Hougyoku's power, but he suddenly realizes something is wrong. Urahara calmly explains that during the last exchange he had secretly sealed the reiatsu release points on Aizen's wrists (all shinigamis have them). Aizen's own reiatsu then builds up to a point where Aizen himself is engulfed in a big explosion. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another one of those action chapters, but at least the fighting was decent enough. As with most of the "sudden appearance" characters, Urahara is going to kick a little ass and show off his skills for a bit. Aizen is becoming uncharacteristically careless, but perhaps he is just trolling Urahara. Urahara will probably put up a good fight, but we all know he isn't going to beat Aizen. Even if Aizen was truly blown to bit, he'll probably come back somehow. Look for Aizen to strike back in the next few chapters as he always does.
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