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LOL. Can Aizen handle Gin's no-look pass? Summary: Gin returns and reports that he has killed Rangiku. Aizen takes Gin's word for it and turns to deal with Tatsuki and the others who are standing around instead of running, but Gin volunteers to take care of things. Gin touches Aizen swords and walks forward, and using his robe to conceal his sword he stabs Aizen in the heart. It turns out Gin has wanted to kill Aizen all along, and thanks to Aizen's previous battles against the shinigami, Gin has learned that the only way to escape from Aizen's hypnosis is by touching Suigetsu. Aizen also knew that Gin wanted to kill him and kept Gin around to see how Gin will try to kill him. Aizen is not impressed by the stab through his heart, but Gin explains that there is more to his attack. Gin states that his bankai isn't as long or fast as he had said before, but instead the sword turns to dust for a moment during extension and retraction, and on the interior of his blade there is a deadly poison. So during the stab, Gin has purposely left a piece of his sword inside Aizen. Gin then calls out his zanpukto's incantation and a hole blows open in Aizen's chest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOL that certainly came out of nowhere. It's obviously that Gin has some beef with Aizen, but I didn't expect him to act so soon. So let's get this straight: Gin had always wanted to kill Aizen and was lying in wait to discover the solution to Aizen's hypnosis and Aizen kept Gin around to see how Gin will try to kill him? What a great plot development! So great that it can only be described as "ridiculous". If Gin's attack had something to do with Rangiku then it'd be a rushed but still somewhat plausible development, but this is just too hilarious. Actually, I don't really have that much of a problem with Gin taking a stab at Aizen for any reason, but for Gin to play his hand so soon means that Aizen will probably come back via his invincibility hax and go "close, but no cigar", and I'm a little sick of seeing that. I suppose the only piece of good news is that there was more to Gin's bankai then just extending very long, so at least we can call off the penis jokes. And also the plot is getting somewhere with the "Royal Key", but that'll be after Aizen comes back and deals with Gin. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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