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And so the epic phailed fight of Stark continues. Guess who stabbed him from the back? It was Shunsui. Heh, playing dirty, that is more like it! I am actually happy with the fact that Rose and Love have fallen so shamelessly at the hand of Stark. They were over confident in the manga and got what they deserved in my opinion.nice angleSpeaking of Shunsui, I actually look forward to this episode because reading about his shikai in the manga just confused me. Hopefully I will get a better understanding from watching the anime. Let see if I get this right. One of his sword has an upper hand when he's high above his enemy while the other when enemy has shadow on the ground. Pretty shallow and yet cunning power there.But Lilnette has a pretty decent idea how to nullify the attack. You got to hand it to her. Also, Shunsui was being negligence in his attack. Can't say that he did not see that coming.It was kinda touching to see Stark lose control when he thought Lilnette was about to be done for. The fight got a little more interesting after that. The pace of attacks were much faster and less chitty chatty. The background music was perfectly chosen too to add to the mood of the flashback.Gah, every time I saw a flashback, I got angry because it just reminded me that Ulquiorra hasn't got one that he deserved!I remember facepalming when Shunsui fucking explained his power to Stark. Who did that?! So Stark obviously can pretty much predicted what his next move going to be and beat him at his own game. What a fucking stupid shinigami. I really can't understand these lots. Did their brain died when they turned into shinigami? Sure seems like it. That explained why the old fuck was such a retard motherfucka. Having said that, I was still impressed with the fight scene especially when Shunsui announced the color of black.I don't expect Stark to fall that easily though. What the? Is that it? Though it was good to see that he is loyal with Aizen and his comrade. I didn't expect that either. I guess his loneliness is more acute than I gave him credit for. Awww I think it was cute, thinking of your comrade as you are falling to your death...Now there is only one espada left: Harribel. The moment the fight switched back to her I was giddy when I saw Lisa pulled her move to draw out her shikai. That was cool. Harribel sure has her fight cut out for her. Her three opponents are relentless.Too bad that Aizen interrupted the fight. Looks like he has enough of it already and take care of the shinigami himself. He fucking killed Harribel himself, goddammit! LOL I feel sorry for Harribel.The omake reminds me of the old Bleach. I missed that ^_^For my rants on previous episodes, click here.
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