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Ichigo is "kidnapped" by his employer. If you were wondering to whom the ominous boots at the end of the last chapter belonged to... Summary: Ishida prepares to beat up the delinquents, but Ichigo jumps in and applies a half Boston Crab to one of them. Ishida and Ichigo then start arguing about whose fight it is, but at the same time they work together to beat down a number of the thugs. In the middle of the fight, Ichigo asks Ishida about the hollow hunting, and Ishida reveals that it's Urahara who has been sending the orders. Ichigo is then confronted by a delinquent (named Yoko-chin)who he has beaten up before, the Ichigo pretends not to remember the guy. Suddenly, Yoko-chin is sent rolling 20ft by a kick and the rest of the delinquents are beaten up by a formidable-looking woman whom Ichigo identifies as his boss. The woman then forces Ichigo into her vehicle and drives away while Ishida looks on in amazement. Ichigo is tied up by tape and taken back to his boss Ikumi Unagiya back to the shop which is named Unagiya after Ikumi's family. The Unagiya runs odd job and has some business, but Ichigo is uninterested in the work. While Ikumi is busy answering phone calls and yelling at Ichigo at the same time, her young son Kaoru is about to walk into the office and this prompts Ikumi to quickly change into a caring mother look. Kaoru is not fond of Ichigo but is quickly hushed away by Ikumi. Ikumi goes back to untaping Ichigo, but the doorbell rings. Ikumi opens the door and the guy whom Ichigo helped get his bag back walks in and offers Ichigo ramen, but Ichigo is not interested. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another chapter about Ichigo's "normal" life consisting of beating up thugs and getting dragged to work with some random joke bits tossed him, but at least the guy with the representative badge is back again. So it turns out Ichigo is employed by some random lady instead of Urahara (who Ishida apparently works for now). We finally saw Ichigo's boss who is a fierce, sexy and capable woman, but it doesn't exactly explain why she goes through so much trouble to keep Ichigo around despite Ichigo being such a slacker. Even her son doesn't like Ichigo. We'll see how much of a role Ikumi and Ichigo's part-time job will play in this arc. Maybe the ramen guy is here to hire Ichigo to do something for him. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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