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Ichigo meets Ginjou at Xcution's hideout. One benefit of joining our group is that you get free drinks at our full service bar. Bet ya that none of the clubs you've joined had a bar this nice huh? Summary: Ichigo calls the number on the card, and after following some instructions to dial and redial some numbers he finally reaches Ginjou, and the two agree to meet up tomorrow night at 8 at a dirty apartment building. The next day at school, Orihime asks if Ichigo has seen Chad as Chad doesn't appear to be around. Orihime asks if Ichigo wants to go with her to check on Chad, but Ichigo declines as he has to meet Ginjou in the evening. Later in the day, Orihime visits Chad's apartment but no one is home. Orihime decides to leave some bread and a message at the door and prays that Chad hasn't been attacked. At night, Ichigo meets up with Ginjou at the agreed upon location. Ginjou leads Ichigo into a building's elevator and asks Ichigo to swipe his black card at a door. The door opens and inside is a cushy bar along with three of Ginjou's comrades. Before getting to talking about what Ichigo wants (finding who attacked Uryuu), Ginjou explains that the purpose of his group is to help Ichigo get back his shinigami powers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We all kind of knew Ichigo was going to get his shinigami powers back sooner or later, but I found it funny that Ginjou's group is formed for that very purpose. Of course, Ginjou and company probably have other motives, but it's now more or less confirmed that Ichigo is going to get his powers back at the end of this arc. Ginjou's group probably want something that only Ichigo (with shinigami powers) can get for them, and we'll just have to wait and see if these guys are doing it for good or evil. Either way, Ginjou is in control of the situation right now and is manipulating Ichigo into getting what he wants. Other Ichigo joining the gang, Chad has gone missing, but there is nothing to worry about as good guys never die in Bleach. It'd be funny if Chad turns up to be perfectly fine a couple chapters later, but that would ruin the suspense the series is trying to build in this arc. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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