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Ginjou reveals the motives of his group. One more to the harem. Summary: Ichigo is surprised to see Chad and wants to get unruly, but Ginjou gets Ichigo and everyone else to sit down and talk. Ginjou then proceed to explain that hollows have an open hole because they lost their hearts, and their hearts become their masks which give them unique powers. Ginjou reveals that the members of his group all have a parent who was attacked by a hollow before they were born, and thus they were born with powers closer to that of hollows than shinigamis. Ginjou and allies do not enjoy having their powers and want to get rid of it, and they've discovered that they can transfer their powers to someone who has both human and shinigami powers like Ichigo. Ginjou states that Ichigo isn't the first half shinigami he has heard of and some of his old allies have reverted to humanity after passing their powers to such a person. Ginjou summarizes by saying they need Ichigo to get his powers back so they can transfer their powers to him. Ginjou and allies will be rid of their powers like they wanted, and Ichigo will gain more fighting power so it's win-win. Ginjou wonders if Ichigo will help, and Ichigo says yes after some words from Chad encouraging him to accept. After Ichigo accepts the proposal, the tension is lifted, but Riruka is unsatisfied with no being able to see Ichigo and pulls out her flashlight. After examining Ichigo for a few seconds, Riruka concludes that Ichigo is a hottie and shuts up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My first thought after reading the chapter is that Ginjou and allies are the Vizards version 2 that is if they are indeed nice people who just need Ichigo's help. The chapter is making Ginjou and pals look sincere, but I still have my doubts about the whole plan being such a good deal for Ichigo. At the very least, absorbing more hollow powers probably means Ichigo will have to spend more effort controlling/suppressing them, and who knows if Ginjou is actually telling the truth. The fact that Ginjou has a representative shinigami badge in his possession is pretty suspicious too, and makes you wonder what happened to the other half-shinigami person who helped them out. And of course there is still the people who attacked Uryuu. The jury is still out on Ginjou and friends, but of course Ichigo is going along since he doesn't know better. The highlight of the chapter of course went to Riruka and her reaction to Ichigo after properly seeing his face. I don't remember any other girl having this kind of reaction to Ichigo in the series. I guess Ichigo must have grown more manly after training in the hyperbolic time chamber lol. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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