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Young Byakuya!! So kawaii!~~ Young Gin! So young and tiny.. and he's already a badass! (O_O)Mayuri! More scary looking than now! (._.)There's quite a bit of talking in the first half of the episode. It gets a little boring at times but it certainly gives us a good background on how the Seireitei operates.I love how Urahara fights off the prisoners barehanded. We seldom get to see Urahara fight but whenever he does, it always awesome.The next few episodes will get very exciting as the incident is drawing nearer. Can't wait! SummaryOn their way to the Maggots' Nest, which is in the vicinity of the 2nd Division, Urahara reveals to Hiyori that he was the Commanding Officer of the 3rd Division of the Covert Ops, the Detention Unit. His main duty was to be in charge of the imprisonment and supervision of all criminals within Seireitei. His other duty was 'Special Detention' where his responsibilities were to investigate, apprehend, and lock up those whose thoughts or actions are judged to be a threat to their fellow Shinigami. They are kept in the Maggots' Nest.After a long walk, they finally reach the Maggots' Nest. The place is very dark and Hiyori compares the facility to a underground prison. Urahara feels otherwise as even though the prisoners are not allowed to leave the facility grounds, they are free to do whatever they please within it. When Hiyori asks Urahara what the prisoners had done, he replies nothing and says that they are merely those who have been identified by Seireitei as 'Dangerous Elements'. Hiyori disagrees with the practice and feels that it's unfair. Suddenly, a few prisoners start attacking Urahara. He manages to fight them off easily with his bare hands - one of the prerequisites required to become the Commanding Officer of the Detention Unit.After that, Urahara brings Hiyori to a prisoner who is kept locked in a solitary cell. His name is Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the current Taichou of the 12th Division. Urahara asks if he's agreeable to leaving the Maggots' Nest. Mayuri thinks that it's a mad suggestion and refuses as he is satisfied with his life in the Maggots' Nest and sees no reason to leave. He asks Urahara why he wishes for him to leave, and Urahara reveals that he has a need of his abilities. Urahara expresses his desire to create an institute never seen before in Soul Society: 'The Research and Development Institute'. Urahara wants Mayuri to be the Vice Taichou of the institute. Urahara then tells him, 'If I were to die, then the institute would all be yours'. Mayuri smiles and says he truly is an unpleasant sort of man.The story shifts to a young Byakuya training in the Kuchiki mansion. His grandfather appears and tells Byakuya to end his training as someone has come to see him. When he's about to ask who the visitor is, Yoruichi appears beside him. Byakuya immediately attacks her, saying how some day he will be head of the Kuchiki clan, and how he does not need to play with the likes of her. In response, Yoruichi steals his hair band using shunpo, and taunts him. Byakuya then uses his own shunpo to chase after her. His grandfather comments that Byakuya would improve greatly if he didn't get work worked up so easily.Meanwhile, Ukitake is seen talking to Kaien about his proposition of promoting him to Vice Taichou, which Kaien humbly declines. Kaien replies there are many people more worthy than him. Ukitake then begins talking about a genius who takes only a year to graduate from the Shinigami Academy. He is about the same age as young Byakuya, and is now in the 5th Division. The focus then shifts to a child standing beside a dead Shinigami. Aizen compliments the child on his skills. He asks for the child's name one more time, and he replies 'Ichimaru Gin'. Aizen asks Gin how he finds their 3rd Seat and Gin replies 'Not good at all. Not even worth talking about'.With that, the pendulum swings to 9 years later, where the incident is drawing closer.PicturesUrahara fights!!Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the current Taichou of the 12th DivisionUrahara: 'If I were to die, then the institute would all be yours.'Mayuri: 'You truly are an unpleasant sort of man.'Young Byakuya! Kawaii!~~ Ukitake wants Kaien to be his Vice Taichou.Aizen's first meeting with Gin!The incident that happened 101 years ago.
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