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Ulquiorra smacks Ichigo around and around.Summary:Ulquiorra blasts Ichigo and a large portion of the dome top with his black cero. Ichigo is heavily injured from the blast and Ulquiorra proceeds to knock Ichigo around some more before telling Ichigo to admit defeat. Ichigo admits that Ulquiorra is stronger but still refuses to give up. Ulquiorra then dumps Ichigo on the ground and transforms into a more terrifying form to teach Ichigo the true meaning of despair.Ulquiorra to Ichigo: I'm wearing a lot more black now. Are you satisfied now, Mr. Style Critic?Meanwhile, Ishida and Orihime are watching from the tower below. After seeing the cero blast, Orihime asks Ishida to get her to the top of the dome, and Ishida couldn't say no.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~As expected, Ulquiorra is whooping Ichigo left and right and has him on the ropes, but just to drive the point home Ulquiorra transforms into super-bat as to give Ichigo some time to make a comeback. It looks like Ichigo won't be able to continue on his own anymore and needs help, and Orihime and Ishida might be able to provide it. Orihime might be able to heal Ichigo, or the other possibility is that Orihime is killed in front of Ichigo by Ulquiorra, and this causes Ichigo to snap and gain power from his anger and hate (kind of like this week's Naruto chapter). But for now the beating will continue into the next chapter.
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