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The second Ressurcion Ulquiorra smacks Ichigo around some more while Orihime takes the Ishida elevator to the top of the dome.Summary:Orihime and Ishida are moving up the side of the tower on a rising platform that Ishida created. As Orihime and Ishida get closer to the top, both of them feel the massive amount of dark and depressing energy emitted by Ulquiorra and both realize that they need to hurry.How do you know you are the only one who has a second Resurrecion? Just because you've never seen no. 1, 2, 3 do it doesn't mean that they can't.After transforming yet again, Ulquiorra explains that he is only Espada to have a second ressurecion and not even Aizen has seen this form. Ulquiorra then tells Ichigo to give up but Ichigo refuses. Ulquiorra concludes that Ichigo still believes that he has a chance, so the Espada decides to prove Ichigo wrong by force. After tossing Ichigo through several columns, Ulquiorra declares that Ichigo will die because he has a heart, and Ichigo states that he fights because he has to win. Orihime and Ishida arrive at the top of the dome just as Ulquiorra has grabbed Ichigo by the neck with his tail. Ulquiorra spots Orihime and blasts Ichigo in chest with a cero as a demonstration.~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ichigo is dead. The bad guys win. Show is over... Nah. However, it does look Ichigo is totally beat at this point, so somebody is going to have to intervene. My guess is Orihime is going to snap after seeing Ichigo get "killed" and she'll at least buy enough time to heal Ichigo. I don't think Ishida has what it takes to beat Ulquiorra, so if Orihime doesn't go super crazy then somebody else will have to step in.
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