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First, the most important thing that happened in episode 3 actually didn't happen, and that's the problem. J.C.Staff failed to continue the tradition of making some screen time for Ayumu in every episode and this episode was Ayumu-less. It's a pity that they didn't stick to this 'rule' because it had been quite fun to always wait for her scene and wonder what and where she would be doing.Our four heroes have entered the dungeon and Nagi is scared to death. Katsura-sensei goes astray in pursue of a treasure. Hinagiku comes to the dungeon to help them, because Hayate seemed pretty troubled. She meets Isumi who comes to perform some exorcisms. Isumi lends her a supposedly great wooden sword made by Masamune. Sephiroth from Final Fantasy had a sword called Masamune. There's a sign that reads Fuurin Kazan on the wooden Masamune.Meanwhile, our brave party reduced to three members find out there are ghosts in the dungeon. While running away from a ghost, Nagi steps on a trap triggering button and Hayate is shot by a poisoned arrow.Then the priest of the church appears and calls himself Lord British from Akiba - pun on the fantasy RPG Ultima. He tells them that the poison isn't very potent, but Hayate's HP will decrease with every step he takes. In order to save him, Nagi and Wataru must find the Celceta Flower that grows in the deepest part of the dungeon.They go to get it but they are attacked by Mikado Corporation Robot on their way there. Nagi is about to be smashed by its giant fist when Ten no Koe stops the time with the technique Za Waarudo and commercials follow. It's taken from manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventures and this technique can even stop the time. After the commercial break, hero of justice, Katsura Hinagiku, shows up and blows up the robot in one strike. In a different part of the dungeon, Isumi protects poor Hayate from attacking ghosts, and then cures his poison status.Wataru finds the Celceta Flower, however it's withered and is useless anymore. Hayate catches up with the rest and then:Sister Fortesia shows up and right after her turns up the priest and says that real Sister Fortesia is over 60 years old. The fake one introduces herself as Sonia and her objective is to take revenge against Sanzenins. She summons an ultimate boss robot that looks unbeatable, but... Hina-chan Unplugging Attack!Sonia then tells her heartbreaking story of why she seeks revenge againts Sanzenins. Her father was a Mafian at Mykonos Islands and got a mission to get rid of Sanzenins' little girl, Nagi. When he was about to shoot her, a man whom they supposed to be a Sanzenin butler. After this failure, her father travelled to Japan to learn the art of cooking and unfortunately he got blowfish poisoning there.She looks like Ciel from Tsukihime.Ghost Katsura shows up and takes the lead. She's deliberately possessed because she will get 1 million yen for it. Having got the ultimate robot under her control, she tries to beat them. Hayate wants to do something to protect Nagi who has been clutched by the giant robot and the priest tells him to image the power inside his heart - Fate Stay Night reference. Hayate finally finds his ultimate killing technique called Hayate no Gotoku, Just like the Wind, and destroys not only the robot, but even the whole dungeon and the church as well.Due to this sudden use of an enormous power his capability to move his body has seriously dropped and he feels his bones are shaking even hours after that.Back at Sanzenin Mansion, Klaus acknowledges Hayate as Sanzenin butler.
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