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Tousen vs. Hisagi and Komamura.Tousen's clothing is actually made to fit in with his transformation.Gotta give them some fashion props. Summary:Tousen undergoes hollowfication and now sports a blank white mask. He then downs Hisagi with a slash and kicks Komamura into a building. Komamura gets back up and argues that Tousen has been corrupted by power, but Tousen states that Komamura's way of thinking is out of date. Suddenly, Tousen is roped and slammed into a building by Hisagi's chains where he is pinned down by Hisagi. Hisagi confronts his former captain about the reasons for the betrayal, and Tousen responds by stabbing Hisagi in the stomach and stating that he fears dying a meager death among the shinigamis. As Hisagi falls off the building, Komamura summons his bankai to combat Tousen.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~As expected, Tousen's new trick is the hollow mask/Vizard powers. His mask is rather bland, but I suppose that's to supposed to reflect his "pureness" or something along those lines. He also appears to have chest and shoulder armor which we haven't seen in the Vizards. Other than the transformation, Tousen hasn't shown any new powers outside of the usual speed and strength increase. Hisagi and Komamura are probably going to lose, but there are still plenty of shinigamis and Vizards around for Aizen's trio to go through, so currently it doesn't look like the battles in Fake Karakura Town is going to end anytime soon. On the other hand, one of the classic setups is that Ichigo will arrive just a little too late to catch Aizen, so perhaps things will end suddenly since I can't imagine Ichigo running through that Garganta for 50 chapters.
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