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Things are looking bad for the pirates as Luffy makes one last attempt to save Ace.It's all up to Luffy the one man army now.Summary:After being supercharged by Ivankov's hormones, Luffy charges towards the execution platform once again and take out Coby along the way. Luffy is then confronted by two Kuma-bots but is able to get by them thanks to a distraction by Hancock.Meanwhile, both Marco and Joz has been taken down by the Marines, and Whitebeard is swarmed by a group of high-ranking Marines and gets stabbed and shot several times. However, Whitebeard refuses to go down and takes out all of his attackers in one blow. As the remaining pirates form up behind Whitebeard, Whitebeard declares that he cannot die until he has secured the future of his sons with his own hands. In response, Sengoku orders the executioners to behead Ace, and Whitebeard realizes he cannot save Ace in time. Suddenly, the executioners are knocked out by Luffy's haki, and Luffy charges towards the execution platform once more.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Looks like the conclusion of this massive battle is drawing near. We know Luffy is going to live and Whitebeard is probably going to die, but the fate of many of other characters including Ace is still up in the air at this point. Despite Luffy showing off renewed vigor and his emperor haki, his chances of saving Ace by himself are still pretty slim. My guess is that it's either going to be a miraculous save (reinforcements for the pirates) or things will end badly for the pirates. There are rumours about a time-skip after this battle flying around, and that probably doesn't bode well for Luffy and the pirates. We'll see what happens though. Let's see if Luffy can at least take down an admiral/Shichibukai or two.
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