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Short Summary: The four girls regain some of their memories and have to accept they really died. From now on they have only one choice: To kill or be killed! What it's really all about, they don't know. Each of the girls copes with the situation on her own way - Claire relativley strong, Kate in a quite way, Rose igonres it to a certain extend and Rachel almost looses her mind. After seeing other girls who fight and die she is on the one shand strong enough to fight for her life and kills one monster, but afterwards she goes crazy and looses her will to live. But there's still hope. Lula (the woman who gives them instructuions) tells them, there is a way to get back into their original bodies. My opinion: I really had to do a little brake after the ending od the sixth episode. How damn creepy is it to cry over your own dead body?? From the beginnig till know the show did not stop to fascinate me even a second. The situation and characters are so interesting, I can't stand to know what happens next. On the othe rhand I'm so scared if I dare to imagine what it feels like to be dead, but not really dead. Most inetersting may be the character of Lise, she's in the opening, ending...everywhere, appears in all episodes in the one or the other way...a bit like Mary-Alice Young in "Desperate Housewives" (oh what a clumsy comparison). I have to watch the next episode now...if you really are not watching this show so far don't hesitate and do it. It's a diamond within this years series! Hontou da!
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