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Mikoto in a maid costume. Enough said.The money shot.Big googly moe eyes are big.Looks like the dorm supervisor isn't the only one who can stop Kuroko in her tracks.Summary:It's open house at Mikoto's dorms. Mikoto and most of the other girls are dressed as maids to welcome the guests, and Mikoto is also responsible for a special performance later in the afternoon. Kuroko, having obtained official photographer status, tries to take naughty pictures of Mikoto but is dragged away by Maika (Motoharu's younger sister in maid school if you don't remember) to work in the kitchen, and this leaves Mikoto to show Kazari and Ruiko around the dorms.This visit is getting to Kazari's head.Remember Tessou: a buffet is not a challenge. Mikoto: Give me a piece of that cake...Ruiko: No need to tell me, Misaka-san. I know you are on a diet and so I won't be sharing any of my food with you.Eventually, the three friends end up in the lunch room where everyone and their grandma seem to know about Mikoto's special performance. All the attention causes Mikoto to become nervous, and she slips away from Ruiko and Kazari. Ruiko and Kazari then stumble onto an outdoor auction and runs into Kuroko (who is skipping her cooking duties), Konori, Mitsuko, and the two girls from the swimming club (from the swimsuit episode). Meanwhile, Mikoto is back in her room to prepare for her performance. After changing into a dress, Mikoto arrives backstage at the outdoor theater and she feels even more nervous than before. While Mikoto is trying to control her nerves, Touma suddenly pops out of nowhere. Touma is looking for Index (who has been eating at an incredible paste) and does not remember Mikoto, but Mikoto remembers Touma and sends him packing by wielding a steel chair. After her encounter with Touma, Mikoto strangely doesn't feel nervous, and she goes out on the stage to play a violin solo of the ED song.Oh crap...For her performance, Mikoto will be demonstrating extreme rules wrestling, featuring steel chairs!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Touma saves the day once again! Fist-pump high-five!Oh wait. This is Railgun, and this episode was about Mikoto. Well, it was good to see Touma again. I was afraid that J.C. Staff might have stuck him into cold storage for the remainder or this series. Looks like Railgun hasn't completely abandoned the Index time line, and so Touma has no memories of Mikoto. His mere presence was able to give Mikoto the "encouragement" she needed though. It's funny that so many of us (me included) complain about Touma during Index, but now all of us want to to see Touma again.Back to the episode, it was the expected filler that was devoid of a real plot, but I liked this week's show more than the last two filler episodes. At least this episode focused on our main character Mikoto and her friends instead of some unimportant side character who will do something notable once in a blue moon. Of course, Mikoto in a maid outfit and dress wasn't bad either. I also liked Kazari and the wide-eyed wonder she displayed at every single exhibit. In the end, this was a filler, but better filler than the last two episodes. I guess I'm just more partial to fanservice than to side stories about random characters.Looks like the second-half story arc will start next week with the formal introduction of the girl that Tessou bumped into two episodes ago. We are still a ways off from seeing any action though.
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