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More "poltergeist" activities occur near Haruue.Kuroko caught Mikoto browsing at yuri manga.Summary:After the "poltergeist" activity at the fireworks festival, Kazari and Ruiko accompany Haruue to hospital while Kuroko and Mikoto sneak back into their dorm room. Back in the dorm room, Mikoto starts looking up information about Kiyama and the Level Upper incident since that incident also involved interference with people's AIM diffusion fields. Kuroko assures Mikoto that Kiyama is still in jail, but Kuroko starts suspecting Haruue due to her strange behavior before the incident. Mikoto also remembers that Saten mentioned that there was a lot of "poltergeist" activity in the district that Haruue came from, and Kuroko decides that the matter warrants further investigation.Other than causing strange events, Haruue seem to spend the rest of her time sleeping and eating.Meanwhile, Haruue has been brought back to her dorm room by Kazari and Ruiko. After Ruiko leaves, Haruue wakes up and apologizes for causing any inconvenience, but Kazari promises she will take good care of Haruue and the two start eating watermelons together. The next day, Kazari takes Haruue out on a date at the nature park while Ruiko and Mikoto visits the Judgment office. While Konori is dictating her lunch menu to Ruiko, Mikoto hacks into the city database and pulls up Haruue's file. Haruue is a level 2 telepath which means she shouldn't have the ability to mess with other people's AIM diffusion fields, but there is a worrying comment on her file about her abilities becoming more powerful in certain conditions.Yes, I'm getting my exercise. I swear.At the nature park, Haruue tells Kazari that she is looking for a lost friend. After Kazari promises to help, Haruue suddenly starts acting strangely again and the nearby area is hit by "poltergeist" activity. The incident prompts Telestina and her MAR team to appear again, and both Haruue and Kazari are taken to the hospital. Mikoto, Kuroko, and Ruiko meet up with Kazari at the hospital lobby. Kuroko reveals her suspicions about Haruue but Kazari is not happy about it. At this moment, Telestina appears and states that it's impossible for a level 2 to cause this much damage, but she decides to take Haruue to her institute for an examination just to be safe.This is Academy City. A flying boat shouldn't be a strange sight.By extension, Mikoto approves of the pink paint job on Telestina's mech.At Telestina's institute, Mikoto and friends are chatting with Telestina while Haruue is undergoing testing. Kazari asks Telestina about the results, but Telestina deflects the question by offering Kazari some candy. Later, Telestina receives the results and tells Kazari and friends that Haruue isn't the cause of the "poltergeist" event, but this leads Mikoto to wonder about who is perpetrator. The four friends and Telestina then visit Haruue in one of the institute's rooms. Kazari hands Haruue her pedant and wonders what's in the pedant. Haruue opens up the pedant which reveals the picture of young girl named Bani, and Mikoto recognizes Bani as one of Kiyama's research subjects. Haruue then reveals that she is actually a Child Error.Best friends forever.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Not bad of an episode. The story of this arc continues build, albeit at a fairly leisurely pace. So Haruue is a Child Error, and she has a telepathic link to Bani, one of Kiyama's research subjects. This sort of explains why Kiyama is in the story, but what this has to do with the "poltergeist" activities and the rest of the arc about a potential Level 6 still remains to be seen. The arc presumably has to last to the end of the series, so Railgun is going to take its sweet time when it comes to giving answers.Other than the revelation about Haruue, this episode also saw the reintroduction of friction between Kazari and Kuroko. Kuroko has the right to be cautious, but her business-like manner conflicts with Kazari's attitude of welcoming everyone with open arms. Neither of them is "wrong" in the way they are acting, and it's just that sometimes Kazari and Kuroko have their differences. I think Kuroko probably has the better instincts though.Last week many people were commenting on the horrible pink paint job on Telestina's mech, but this week we finally understand why Telestina's mech has such a paint job lol. At least Mikoto approves of Telestina's tastes.Finally, we found out that Mitsuko is doing okay after being attacked by her dolls. As usual though, once she's confirmed to be okay she is then ignored. Poor girl.
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