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Kimi ni Todoke 25 (End) Ayane and Pin are totally going to get together. Cross fingers. Haha, she’s so mature for her age and he’s so immature for his - they’re a match made in hell. I hope Karuho Shiina does more with the running gag of them always walking home together since she’s said the manga is going to focus on more of the side character’s relationships going forward. Oh hell who am I kidding, if that just means we’ll get some more development of Ryuu and Chizu I’ll fist-pump regardless. So yeah, fully enjoyed Kimi ni Todoke and all that. I’ve heard murmurs around complaining that this was a strange place to end the anime - especially since the conclusion of the school festival arc (chapter 40) would have been a more natural and satisfying ending - and I’m not sure what I think about that. To begin with, I don’t think I’ve been appreciating the Kimi ni Todoke anime as a discrete work. I find I’m increasingly more of a manga fan than an anime fan these days, since I read a lot more than I watch, and having been a big fan of Kimi ni Todoke since long before the anime was announced I mostly watched this series as a colourful soundtrack redux. Which was lovely, since this was a very faithful adaptation - and there was some stellar voice acting to augment all of my favourite characters - but I wasn’t viewing it with a discriminating eye. If I had to compare, I would probably say the manga is superior, simply because the pacing is better. Maybe dreamy shoujo manga pacing translates poorly on to the screen - I know I had the same issue with the Skip Beat anime - or maybe it’s personal preference and I tend to just prefer manga as I get older? (I’m not that old okay…) I don’t even know. But those long interior monologues do work a lot better on the printed page. I’m really not sure how people who approached this show without reading the manga would have experienced it… and I am quite curious. All I can say is I enjoyed it tremendously and I’m looking forward to the second season which is sure to be announced - since there’s a lot more exciting stuff to come in Sawako’s New Year! ^__^
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