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Yutori-chan As expected, I love Yutori-chan. It’s hilarious and true and short enough for me to watch during crunch and it has the best themesong of all time. Here’s an English translation of the lyrics so you get the jist of why I love it so much: I just didn’t do the things you didn’t say I had to - why are you so angry?Unpaid overtime? No thank you!Sorry, but not tonight!What, you’re not even listening to me!I’ll say “Excuse me, I’m done for the day!” right on time.When I say something, those rigid adults respond right away with a “Because!”In one ear, out the other. Don’t let it weigh on you!I’m not being selfish, I’m just doing things at my own pace!Aren’t misunderstandings annoying?I want to be able to live honestly and true to myself!Working straight through the holidays?Don’t you need a break?I’ll take an overseas vacation instead - with pay!Things will work out somehow!Overexert myself? Tough it out? Nonsense!If trouble lasts for too long… I’ll count on you! Literally “残業とか NO SANKYUU” …Pure gold.
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