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Kaichou wa Maid-sama 8 I didn’t start watching this until a couple of weeks ago, but now I’m glad I picked it up! Having followed the manga for a year or two I was worried the anime wouldn’t do it justice. I heard rumours that Misaki wasn’t the ball-busting tough chick she is in the manga, and it’s true anime Misaki is a tad more deredere earlier on but she’s still a strong female protagonist. What I’m enjoying most about the anime actually, is Usui. Of course I like him in the manga. He’s an ideal shoujo hero - silent and manly, has perfect hair, always napping on rooftops, prone to making extravagant moves (jumping off of buildings, kicking down doors) to protect the girl he loves. But I have to admit I’ve got a soft-spot for his hapless rival Shintani, simply because Usui is so damn perfect and Shintani is an adorable goof. (Shintani hasn’t shown up yet in the anime by the way, so I’m looking forward to that!) But Nobuhiko Okamoto’s voice acting really takes Usui to the next level! He swings so well between the cool shoujo hero voice and a petulant monotone that can be teasing, perverted or apathetic (above) but is always hilarious. Manga Usui has plenty of perverted and quirky moments, but maybe because the manga is currently entering a more emo arc to do with his past or maybe because they are usually little single-frame asides, I don’t notice them as much as I do here. And it’s making me dig Usui more and more. Dare I say, I’ve caught the Usui-fascination. orz
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