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Flashback arc continues. Mountain robber vs. pirate. Who's going to win? Summary: Luffy and Ace try to escape from the burning Trash mountain, but they find their way blocked by Bluejam and his pirates. Bluejam has lost his ship to the fire and he wants Ace and Sabo's treasure to fund a comeback. Ace gives the treasure's location to Bluejam because he wants to escape from the fire, but Bluejam refuses to let Ace and Luffy go. Bluejam starts badmouthing Sabo, and this drives Luffy to resist, but Luffy is slashed by a pirate. The pirate tries to kill Luffy, but Ace lets out a scream that knocks out all of the pirates except Bluejam himself. Bluejam pins Ace to the floor and is about to shoot Ace, but he is driven back by Dadan and her band of mountain robbers. After grabbing the injure Luffy, Dadan and her crew want to run away, but Ace refuses to back off against Bluejam. Dadan decides to stay with Ace to face Bluejam, but she orders the rest of her crew to leave with Luffy. Elsewhere in the Grey Terminal, people are crying in despair as the fire grows stronger. Suddenly, an energy blast comes out of nowhere and creates a path to the sea where a ship is waiting. The ship is commanded by Dragon, Ivankov and Kuma, and Dragon announces that everyone who wants to fight for freedom should board his ship. The next day, Ace and Dadan still haven't returned to the mountain fortress. Luffy wants to search for them, but he is too injured to go out. Back in town, Sabo wonders if Luffy and Ace survived the fire. Sick of living with the nobles, Sabo set up a plan to escape once again. On the day when the world nobles are scheduled to arrive, Sabo sails out of port in a fishing port casting his own pirate flag. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That was a somewhat strange ending to the Grey Terminal fire with Ace and Dadan facing off against Bluejam. I guess the author is setting a surprise return during world noble arrival day, but cutting the fight off wasn't a good transition. I'm a little surprised that Dadan came after Ace, but I guess she's doing this because she's afraid of Garp. Dragon and his group started doing their thing, but they seem to saving their best for the world noble day as well. Dragon wouldn't be so infamous if all he did was rescue those under distress. I have a feeling that all the really important events in this flashback will happen during this day. At least that's what I'm hoping anyways, since I'm more interested what's happening in the present time line of the story. I don't think things are looking too great for Sabo though. He picked a bad day to set sail, assuming that the world nobles will be accompanied by battleships and powerful guards.
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