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凉风 #141 浪人 ろうにん 1. Yasonobu and Yamato were talking about Yamato's selection and then talked on being a ronin or a wanderer.2. Yamato went home and asked Saotome about being a ronin. Saotome remarked that it's happier to attend a university and there's friends.3. Back in his room, he was lying on his bed, looking at the charm that Suzuka gave him4. Suzuka came and asked Yamato out. Yamato asked Suzuka's perception on him being a ronin5. After come conversation, Suzuka commented that she willing to be together with Yamato.6. The next morning, Yamato received a call from Seijou telling him that he had been accepted. Both Suzuka and Yamato rejoiced.Note: Too many dialogue so many ambiguity. Still not sure if using the word ronin is suitable.P/S: Looks like Yamato got the news that he was accepted by Seijou. Also, we see that Suzuka is willing to be together with Yamato event in different environment.
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