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Thanks to Hi no Ken Jebus.The chapter started with Yamato pondering on what he had done. He prepared to leave for school and decided to apologize the moment he saw Suzuka. Suzuka came out from her room and Yamato tried to talk to her. Suzuka asked him not to get near her and she didnt want to hear anything from him. During dinner time, Miho called for Yamato but Yamato ignored her. She continued calling him and Yamato responded by yelling at her. Miho got mad. Yamato still thought of the whole incident and wondered why Suzuka was so mad about it. He also wondered if what he did was overboard.Yamato went to Suzuka's room and confronted her. He asked why she made a fuss on the incident. He remarked that it was normal for couple to act like that and he thought that they have been dating long enough. Suzuka told him that she was sastified with their current relationship where they would hang out, watch TV together and eat together. Yamato then screamed that he wasn't sastified but Suzuka cut his conversation and threw him out of her room. The chapter ended with Yamato thinking why they had to argue over the incident.
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