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凉风 #147 体温 たいおん 3 colour pages including a spread. Overview:1. Yamato was shocked with Suzuka's comment.2. Suzuka then asked for his decision, feeling embarassed.3. Yamato was confused and asked her what she meant by it's fine.4. She replied that she was ready and asked if he doesn't want it5. Yamato wondered what he should do and asked Suzuka.6. She told him to turn off the light and he complied.7. Yamato drawed himself near Suzuka and someone knocked and shouted outside his room, possibly Saotome.8. Yamato crawled back to his room and shouted back that he's going to rest.9. After that, he tried to approach Suzuka but the telephone rang.10. It was Suzuka's mum and she told her that she's busy and wont be able to go home next week.11. They both laughed that they always got interrupted in their relationship. 12. Suzuka leaned herself beside Yamato and they kissed. 13. And they have their first intimate experience together. 14. The next morning, Suzuka poked at Yamato's face and he woke up15. Suzuka greeted him and he was shocked to find her naked.16. He asked her why she didnt wake him up earlier and she replied that she wanted to look at his sleeping face. 17. Yamato apologized and Suzuka asked her why. Before Yamato could explain, Suzuka told him that she was happy that it was Yamato being her first.18. Then they kissed again with Yamato telling himself that it was a lifetime of happinedd and they wont regret it. 19. Suddenly Miho called Yamato for breakfast. Yamato answered that he would be there soon but he forgot that he was at Suzuka's room. 20. Miho then asked why his voice came from Suzuka's room.21. Yamato was panic and knocked his toe on something. P/S: Gosh, they DID it!!! Really didnt expect wonder chapter 146 was titled prologue. At last there's a more confimation in their relationship. Now I wonder what plots Kouji have left.
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