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凉风 #148 再始 リスタート Overview:1. Early morning, Miho asked Yamato to hurry. Suzuka was already waiting downstairs. They were going to a track meet.2. Yamato walked down the stairs and saw Suzuka. She noticed him and felt bit embarassed.3. Suddenly, Tsuyoshi appeared and greeted them. He told them that he would do his best in the competition later.4. Miho who's ahead asked them to hurry up and Tsuyoshi went ahead.5. On the way, Miho walked with Tsuyoshi while Yamato and Suzuka trailed behind.6. Suzuka then asked Yamato if his leg was fine after felling from the bed. Yamato anxiously replied he's all right.7. Both of them chit chat about their nervousness but Miho asked them to hurry up instead of strolling slowly.8. They reached the 18 years old novice track meet venue. Yamato commented about the atmosphere. Suzuka remarked that Yamato was there before as well.9. Yamato remembered the resolutio he made there last time, wanting to be the first for Japan.10. Tsuyoshi was bit nervous but Yamato hit his head and then encouraged him.11. Suzuka was pleased to hear that from Yamato.12. The particpants were called to the track.13. Yamato and Miho cheered for Tsuyoshi while Tsuyoshi trying to assure himself.14. The track started and Tsuyoshi speed. He looked at other competitors but Yamato shouted asking him to look to the front.15. Tsuyoshi tried his best and he got the first place with a time of 11 minutes and 59 seconds.16. Yamato was glad, Miho was surprised, Suzuka was happy and Tsuyoshi was shocked17. Even when Tsuyoshi received his champion medal, he was stunned with his performance18. Suzuka later commented that she would love to see Yamato on the presentation stage reciving medal.19. Yamato told her she would be able. He added that he would get the first place at the university level and she would definitely able to see that.20. Suzuka then remarked that his words always has to be discounted. But then, she smiled saying that she anticipated it.21. Yamato was pleased and suddenly he was grabbed by Kinugasa sempai for pre-university training.P/S: A fine chapter in my opinion. It's time to develop other characters while maintaining Suzuka and Yamato relationship. Since, Yamato made the promise of being the champion at the university level, I'm convinced that the story would continue at least up to that stage. Whether he made it or lose to Arima is another turning point.
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