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Durarara!! has always been epic in everything it has. Quality doesn't drop even on their extra/ova episodes xD Even if this is more of a fun-fun chapter, it had still done a wonderful storytelling, made us learn more about the characters, be amazed on the stunts and laugh out loud on its jokes.This episode has been fun and awesome... yet very insane, haha! One of its supporting characters has been featuring some of the crazy stuff of the show... starting with the romantic couples~ [ COUPLE #1: Masaomi x Saki (the least crazy one presently) ]They were quite an abnormal pair in the series but in this episode they're just like lovers eloping. Their lives seem peaceful... I hope they come back soon.... and that Saki would be able to forget about Izaya 100% [ COUPLE #2: Mikado x Anri (seems ordinary but not exactly) ]One of the you-two-are-freakin-obvious-and-you-know-it-so-why-the-hell-are-you-two-not-canon-yet type of pairings. *sigh*They're so serious, quiet, and shy. They're almost the ordinary pure pure pairings if it weren't for their gangster backgrounds, hehe.Though for the "shy" type of pairing, Mikado's first confession is through live television xD Pretty romantic~ And I love it that Mikado has been shielding Anri even though she's hell more capable when it comes to combat compare to him, hehe.Mikado has a chance.... even if Anri's feelings are complicated, her blushes had to mean something (she doesn't blush like that on Masaomi's advaces!). Masaomi and the fans are becoming impatient on you too =_= [ COUPLE #3: Shinra x Selty (headless lover x headless) ]Selty being a part of this pair is enough to make this abnormal, haha! What made it even more abnormal is that Shinra finds her beautiful for being headless... and firmly believes that he'll have so much competition if her beauty gets exposed on TV, haha!Such an amusing pair... Shinra has been expressing his worries so dramatically while Selty just tells him to shut up, haha. [ COUPLE #4: Seiji x Stalker Girl (creepy no matter how you look at it) ](I suddenly forgot her name because I've been calling her using that alias more than her real name)One-sided stalker crush is very creepy... and it's creepier if that love was reciprocated o_o Oh whoa... she was so proud that she has done something stalker-ish.... and Seiji even played along with it. Funny that she has somewhat forgotten about Seiji when she was boasting about her love on TV; Seiji even had to move to stay on screen, haha.(Kasuka's so nice.... he didn't have a creeping-out reaction... that or his acting is just that awesome....) [ COUPLE #5: Namie x Seiji (one-sided sibling complex) ]I no longer think that Namie's feelings for Seiji are romantic exactly.... she loves him... but I don't see her having desires to kiss him and stuff.... only upto hugs... and she gets to do that whenever she pleases as a sister.Her great love is sweet (but scary when angry/jealous.... Izaya's TV went bye bye... bwahahahha xD) but oh... please give up already =( [ COUPLE #6: Kururi x Marui (mutual sibling complex) ]Unlike the previous pair of siblings, this pair has become mutual. They're such opposites but they get along very well~Their kissing scene made them seem incest.... I dunno if they're really like that though. They're twins... they were one... so... twins love might be a little complicated compare to the common type of sibling pairs. [ PAIR: Shizuo + Kasuka (brotherly love) ]Speaking of sibling pairs, we have another mutual one but this time they're not really doing things in a mushy way.... unless you see things differently. Dotachin's statements of it being dangerous if you get in the way of brotherly love could imply things, haha!This is the type of pair that helps each other out from the shadows. Kasuka had helped Shizuo find a job (but not being flashy like when he's working) while Shizuo protects his brother from harm from a distance. I don't think Kasuka expected Shizuo to protect him in this episode though.... he's just that brave to have the guts to show that kind of expression on such a dangerous situation, hehe. [ "COUPLE": Shizuo + Izaya (the more you hate the more you love?) ]There was someone who is disgusted with the Heiwajima brotherly love. I think he's just jealous because he doesn't have that kind of mutual love, even with his sisters (Though Shizaya fans would most likely think that Izaya's jealous because he wants Shizuo for himself, bwahaha!) so he messes up the peaceful relationships of others so he could forget about his own troubles.Izaya went through all the trouble just to piss Shizuo off. He's that desperate for attention... for a playmate... and even if he hates the guy and his life could be in danger. Shizuo happens to be his most challenging opponent (to geniuses: the more challenging, the more fun and better it is~).They finally had an actual battle in this episode and oh it was fun to watch~ My impressions on just the two of them in this episode had been enogh for one article [ WISH COUPLE: Izaya x Namie (never gonna happen but...) ]The pairing that I badly want to happen is this one though xD But with Namie's obsession to Seiji and Izaya's complicated love to humanity... this isn't likely... *sigh*The only part that can be somehow considered a "moment" in this episode is the part when Namie remembered Izaya at the mention of Ikebukuro. She doesn't care, but she remembers the things he tells her. But ah well... it's part of her job. But still... oh come on I know you care somehow even if you say otherwise, Namie xD (It's gotta be more than just caring about your salary... it has to be.... wah, oh I hope) [ OTHER LOVE: Love for War and Peace ]Alright, let's go to other forms of love. We've got polar opposites on this: the Lover of Chaos (Izaya) and the Lover of Order (Simon...[also Selty]).Izaya was being a pain in the ass (he's so hyper during chat xD Bwahahahahaha) and messing around (especially with Shizuo) as usual in this episode; while Simon is trying his best to help his friends (by covering Selty) and for trying to stop a fight (but the two are wilder than usual which perhaps is the reason why neither Selty nor Simon could stop them this time, haha!) [ OTHER LOVE: Various (Yuuhei/Kasuka) ]Aside from romance, and general intangible things, Kasuka had been demonstrating to us appreciation of food (Simon got the restaurant endorsement that he needed xD), love for pet (it's cute that he keeps on stroking it even during a meeting), and devotion to work (mr. police officer showed that too). [ FANGURLING ]Another form of love with be love for your fandom? Haha... our otaku pair had been mentioning actual anime couples, haha! (I am not familiar with what Walker was referencing though.... I only know the Ryuuji x Taiga one) This episode made me miss the series badly. I hope they make another season already (or make another for Baccano or make an adaptation of another Narita-sensei series)
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