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Suzuka 153 断絶勘のいい親父さんに即バレして、涼風と引き離されてしまいました。 部活の合宿にすら参加を許されず、下宿も引き払わされ。 アトヒキ:再び涼風の部屋が空いた。2人がお互いを好きでいる限り、ずっとずっと“隣同士”だと思っていたのに――。 コメント 最近和風タラコパスタをよく作り ます。自分で言うのもなんですが 店が出せる美味さです。Spoiler:After Suzuka went back with her father, Yamato called Yasonobu. He learnt that Suzuka's father has some matter with Suzuka and called her. But she wasn't in. He asked Ayano san and she told him that they went skiing with Yasonobu. He then called Yasonobu and Miki separately. Yasonobu acted as if he knew nothing. But Miki was timid and told Suzuka's dad about their trip. Yamato was worried that Suzuka's dad didnt reprimand him. After he reached home, Yamato was scolded by Ayano san. Yamato decided to call and apologize. Her dad answered the call and told him not to call again. Yamato went to his practice and Kinugasa sempai told him that Suzuka's not feeling well and wont be coming to practice. 3 days later after his practice, Yamato saw a removal company. He asked about it and realized that they were there to move Suzuka's belonging.P/S: Hope raw will be available for 153 as well. I think Yamato would go and visit Suzuka. He would probably have a scene with her dad. It was Miki who slip the secret!!!
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