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La Storia della Arcana Famiglia is yet another anime adapted from an otome game (why are there so many recently??!). The appeal of otome games is that there are many good looking guys to drool at. However, more than often, the female lead is simply a damsel in distress and that's a big turn off for me. Like the other otome games, La Storia della Arcana Famiglia too has its own a good looking cast of male characters. As for the the female lead, she's ok... I guess. Story: (6/10) – FairThe Arcana Famiglia is a powerful organization that keeps the peace on the trading island of Regalo. The most unique trait of this prestigious "family" is their mastery of the Arcana - mystical powers derived from tarot cards. The current leader of the Arcana Famiglia, Mondo, wishes to choose a successor through a tournament called the Arcana Duello, and as an added incentive, the winner will take the hand of Mondo's daughter, Felicita. However, two young men among the family, impetuous Liberta and serious-minded Nova, are more interested in protecting Felicita's freedom than letting her be someone's trophy wife. The mafia theme and of course the cast of male characters were what attracted me to La Storia della Arcana Famiglia initially. Since I wasn't expecting this anime to have much plot, I was pleasantly surprised that it actually had one. Even though it wasn't an interesting one, it was decent enough to give some of the characters some development. Character: (8/10) – Good The male characters all look really cool, but the sad thing is that, other than Nova and Liberta (and the female lead, Felicita), the other characters get hardly any development. The good thing is that we did get a peep into the past of all the male characters. Nova and Liberta, being the 2 main male lead characters, get the most character development. As for Felicita, she's pretty cool throughout most part of the series. However, I can't quite stand her indecisiveness at the end. I like all the male characters. My top 2 favorites are: Luca - He's so adorable!! Liberta - I love his hot-blooded nature! Art/Animation: (8/10) – Good I have no complaints about the character designs. The characters and their outfits are really cool. The animation, on the other hand, is average. Music: (6/10) – Fair The Opening theme is pretty catchy and suits the mood of the anime. As for the Ending theme, it's sung by the seiyuu of Liberta and Nova (Fukuyama Jun and Yonaga Tsubasa). All I can say is... I like seiyuu's voice acting but I can't say the same about singing. Enjoyment: (7/10) – Fairly Good I wasn't expecting much when I started watching La Storia della Arcana Famiglia and it turned out to be more enjoyable than I thought. Overall: (7/10) – Fairly Good I'm not a fan of otome game anime series but I will usually still try to watch them anyway because I wanna see what the male characters are like. I'm not sure how otome gamers view this series but for me, I think it's entertaining enough for me to finish watching it.
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