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Minorin's new CD album which is slated for an October 24th release has started to make its rounds in some places and of course yours truly with the swiftness of his mouse-click procured the new tunes -- in all of its bootlegged lossy galore -- to satiate the auditory tastebuds for now until the actual CD (first press!) arrives later this week in the mail.I listened.My ears came.Impressions are OUTSTANDING. For quite a long time, I have yet to experience a CD album with excellence from beginning to end. "Contact" is an album with just about no fault. Indeed, mostly dued to Minorin's impeccable vocal execution and flair. Props to the Lantis producers, too, as the arrangements were all wonderful and complement Minorin's vocal elements quite harmoniously. There are a couple strong tracks that I believe the common seiyuu artist would probably struggle with, but Minorin is no common seiyuu, and completely obliterates the whole lot thrown at her.Her musical career, as many Minorin fans would proclaim, has seen a re-launch with "Contact" and the album is just the stepping stone she needs to achieve her new and exciting ambitions. Under the guidance of Lantis (and for god's sake eliminate Avex out of the equation) she will no doubt see much success ahead. How far she can go, nobody knows, but promise is quite high, I'd say. StarChild/King Records have their marquee artists in Mizuki Nana (水樹奈々), Horie Yui (堀江 由衣), and Tamura Yukari (田村ゆかり). I would believe Lantis may have found theirs~Contact / Chihara MinoriCatalog Number: LACA-5705Price: 3000 yen Release Date: 10/24/2007Number of discs: 1First Pressing: "Silver Limited Edition" - Special foil slipcase and quad-fold digipak
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