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Episode 1 Yatterman is Born, KoronThe anime opens as Boyacky greets all the girls of the world and former viewers. His boss the beautiful vain villainess Doronjo scolds him. Meanwhile at Takada Gan’s Toyshop, Gan-chan is sitting on the floor telling Ai-chan they should forget this old mecha he’s been trying to repair and build a new one high tech mech. But Ai wants this one repaired it’s the best way to learn she informs Gan, but Gan says that his grandfather told him New Wives and Mecha are better. However Ai is insistent, she caresses Yatter-Wan jaw who peers at Ai through love struck eyes and awards her many bones on his display. Back at Dorombo Motors the villains have assembled a car that they plan to market made entirely of stolen parts, Doronjo tests the car, but parts begin to fall off before she can get it to move, then when it does take off, it smashes into a wall exploding, Doronjo stands before the camara and as her tattered top begins to fall, Tonzler sticks out his arm and calls “Safe”, to prevent the camara catching the nude form of Doronjo, then Boyacky comments if it was back then they would have boldly shown it.I’m not a big mecha anime fan but this is one show I plan on keeping up with if the storylines are as funny as this opening episode. This anime is based on a 1977 anime that ran for 108 episodes. It has a real retro look and feel and I love the way the characters break the fourth wall and address the audience, Boyacky is a great character his snide remarks, poking at Doronjo’s breasts and making fun of the producers. I’d recommend this to wacky comedy fans who liked shows like Oh! Edo Rocket or another older show Future Police Urashiman. I grew up on stuff like this in the late 60’s and early 70’s shows like Underdog and Rocky & Bullwinkle.Download the first episode English fansub bit torrent file here.
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