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We've already seen Lelouch go off the rails somewhat this series, but it has to be said that this pales into comparison with the fallout which follows the death of Shirley in the last episode.While I thought that Rolo might have kept his part in her death silent, it appears that I reckoned without his psychotic behaviour, as he happily admits to it straight away (albeit via his own twisted version of events). Lelouch outwardly appears to both forgive and praise Rolo for his actions, but of course anyone who saw episode thirteen will doubtless be quick to spot that this is nothing more than a front to keep his 'brother' on-side for a little longer.While the focus of this episode jumps around all over the place early on, moving both back in time to 1997 as well as here, there and everywhere in the present day, we eventually settle upon Lelouch's latest plan, fuelled almost solely from Shirley's death - To take out the organisation which is researching and using Geass at its source, V.V. included with a sudden 'shock and awe' strike. While this seems like suicide, you have to hand it to Lelouch for his planning (as per usual), although in his Shirley-induced rage he doesn't even bother to disguise himself as Zero any more.What follows is the usual kind of fast-paced Knightmare action, together with a suitably "Oh my God" ending that leaves me feeling entirely unsure as to what will happen next at this point. The episode also sees C.C. returning 'home', as a former part of the organisation Lelouch is looking to destroy, but to be honest her role in everything seems to remain as mysterious as ever.I really wasn't expecting Code Geass R2 to reach this point quite so early in the series, as it seemed like this particular battle was an almost sure-fire candidate for the last few instalments. Yet here we are, and despite that aforementioned opening segment that couldn't sit still, we ended up with an extremely tense roller coaster episode that has so many potential ramifications for Lelouch in almost every way that I don't even know where to begin sifting through it all in my head. Altogether then, while being perhaps a little confusing in a way, this was a fantastic episode, and that's all there is to it - It's simply a great example of what Code Geass should be all about.
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