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The recent releases for Vampire Knight Guilty subs are coming out very late :(Well, this is because the members of the most popular fansub group for Vampire Knight Guilty, Yuurisan Subs, are having exams. So, this explains the delay. Anyway, to the Yuurisan Subs members.. Ganbatte ne!! :DI found another fansub group called Byakushi Production. You can watch Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 6 here:[part 1] [part 2] [part3]I absolutely enjoy this episode. There are many lovey dovey ♥ Kaname x Yuuki scenes and Zero has to be in all the scenes (Poor Zero-kun!). Yuuki is hearing more voices and those voices are revealing more details about her past. She's also seeing more bloody visions. It seems like we are getting nearer and nearer to the mystery behind her past, and maybe Kaname's too. Shiki appears in this episode, but only right at the very end. From his eyes (red and blue), it's obvious that his father has possessed him. That leaves you wondering, why did he do so and what business does he have with Kaname??!! Hopefully we'll find out in the next episode. I can't wait!! :DEpisode 6Ichiru meets Kaname for the first time. Kaname asks Ichiru who his target is but receives no answer.Here, Cross reveals that he wishes to fulfill the wish of someone no matter what. That someone looks like the woman from Yuuki's vision. (I seriously think that woman is Yuuki's mother. She looks just like Yuuki!)Yuuki finds it hard to sleep. She keeps thinking about 'being Kaname's Lover'. She also sees bloody visions.The next morning, Yuuki, Zero and Yori surprisingly find the Night Class students waiting for Yuuki outside their dorm. They call her Yuuki-sama!Under the instruction of Kaname, they are supposed to escort Yuuki around. (haha.. funny)Yuuki continues having bloody visions and she faints during class. .Yuuki is resting in the infirmatory and Ichiru wants to pay a visit. However, Aidou is suspicious about his motive.In the infirmatory, Ichiru takes out a tube of blood. He brings it near Yuuki, who is sleeping. While doing so, he starts having visions about the past (about Zero saying that he will never allow Yuuki to become a vampire). Then, Aidou steps him and takes away the tube of blood from Ichiru. Aidou gives it to Kaname immediately.Aidou escorts Yuuki and Zero to meet Kaname. On the way there, Aidou reveals that he did some investigation on Yuuki's past. That surprises Yuuki (haha!) and Aidou quickly clarifies that he did it for Kaname and not her.Kaname waits for Yuuki at the garden for their very First Date. Yuuki is obviously charmed by Kaname! (poor Zero-kun has to stand aside and watch)Yuuki asks Kaname to fulfill his promise of telling her about her past. However, Kaname gives no answer.Poor Zero!!!Kaname asks Yuuki if she is feeling better. He gives the Night Class a few days off so that Yuuki can rest and take a break from night duty. (that's sweet and caring of him)Earlier Headmaster Cross invites Ichiru for dinner. Surprisingly, Ichiru turns up. He even helps Cross to prepare dinner.Cross asks Ichiru what Zero's favorite food is. Ichiru recalls their childhood. He recalls that both Zero and himself love vegetable soup.After Yuuki's first date with Kaname, she and Zero walk home. On the way home, Zero reminds her that he will never let her become a vampire.Zero is shocked to see Ichiru at Cross's place. They sit together peacefully waiting for dinner to start. However, Yuuki starts talking about Ichiru visiting her earlier in the day and that makes Zero angry and he asks Ichiru what his motive is. (why can't Yuuki just shut up?!)Ichiru also gets angry and leaves. That makes Cross very sad as he wants Ichiru to try his Special Menu.Zero then sees the vegetable soup. (Aww... He must be feeling very touched)Ichijou returns to Moon Dorm and he brings along with him..a different Shiki!!
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