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Another mind boggling episode!! So much developments! So much revelations!!Kaname is unable to kill Rido because Rido is his 'master'! I thought Rido is his uncle? I don't quite get this. Hopefully they will explain it in the future episodes.Not only is Kaname unable to kill Rido, he even gives his blood to revive Rido? Why?! The only plausible reason I can think of is he is trying to save Shiki. Reviving Rido means that Rido will stop using Shiki's body and enter his own body. This is only my speculation.Poor Yuuki. She is distancing herself from Zero as she doesn't want to bring him more pain, but it's just making it worse for the both of them. :(Remember the gay looking Hunters Association President? Yea.. the one with the thick makeup.He's in cahoots with the Vampire Senior Council! That gay even gives orders to the hunters to kill Zero! WTH?!Next episode is titled 'The Battle's Prelude!'. Sounds exciting! Can't wait! (^_-)-☆Episode 9The previous episode ends with Zero pointing a gun at Yuuki.Zero expresses his hatred for Pureblood Vampires.Yuuki understands. She tries to distance herself from Zero by saying that the Yuuki he knows has been devoured by Vampire Yuuki and is no longer around.Yuuki then runs out off barefooted into the woods. Aidou immediately gives chase.Yuuki almost hurt her foot.Aidou also almost got killed by Kaname!! (haha.. Aidou is so cute!!)While Aidou is helping Yuuki put on her shoes, tears start coming out from her eyes. :(Kaname appears in Ichijou's and Shiki's room. In the room, Ichiru is guarding Rido's body.Kaname tells Ichiru the history behind 'The Curse of the Twins'. Ichiru appears fruastrated when he hears the story.Kaname asks Ichiru to open the coffin. Ichiru obediently does so.Kaname snatches Ichiru's kantana and aims towards the coffin.Yagari returns with orders to kill Zero. Headmaster Cross tries to stop him.Actually, it's never Yagari's intention to fight. He just wants to see Headmaster Cross's reaction.Yagari is happy that Headmaster Cross is finally making some moves.All of a sudden, Zero appears and asks Yagari and Cross to kill him because he's a vampire.Ichijou, carrying Shiki (Rido) on his shoulder, returns to his room. He's surprised to see Kaname.The katana is actually aimed at Kaname's hand. He's using his blood to revive Rido.Flashback: Haruka Kuran vs Rido KuranHaruka used a beast to attack Rido. He aimed at Rido's head.Rido attacked Haruka with a Hunter's sword. He aimed at Haruka's heart.Kaname tried to protect Haruka but it's too late. Haruka slowly disappeared.Kaname then tried to stab Rido's heart with the Hunter's sword but failed. Rido was seriously injured but he promised to be revived. Kaname then blew him up. Until the day of revival comes, Kaname promised to find a way to kill him.Ichijou pleads Kaname not to act recklessly but Kaname does not seem to be listening. (I feel so bad for Ichijou. He cares so much about Kaname but he is never let in on anything.)When being asked by Ichiru why he can't kill Rido, Kaname answers 'Rido is the master who awakens me from my slumber.' (O_o)Ichijou's grandfather (Senior Council) and the President of the Hunters Association (so gay!) are in cahoots. Both of them feel that Zero is a threat to their plans so the President gives orders to kill Zero. (I hate the gay President!!)Yagari brings Zero into a room. He tells Zero he will kill all Vampires except Zero. If he wants to kill Zero, he would have done so long ago. He tells Zero, 'You are not a Vampire, you are a Vampire Hunter.'Yagari leaves the room to allow Zero some time to sort out his thinking. Zero's body can feel Kaname's and Yuuki's existence. He finds it difficult to remain calm and think clearly. (Ganbatte Zero! You can do it!)
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