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After a slow episode last week, Soul Eater is back to its usual pace. \(^∇^)/Kid is still investigating Shibusen's true intention. His investigation in the last episode only intensifies his suspicions towards Shibusen. This time round, he questions BJ (Buttataki Joe), the Head of the Technology development. However, the only conclusion Kid can arrive at is BJ is a lousy liar and a coffee freak.As we all know, Black Star is a highly confident and strong guy. However, his recent defeat to Mifune, failure to retrieve 'Brew' and inability to use the Demon Blade mode effectively cause his confidence to hit rock bottom. Despite that, he constantly seeks for new opponents to fight. This week, he chooses Death the Kid to be his opponent. In my opinion, both are winners in the fight. Even though Kid wins the actual fight, Black Star is also a winner as he is able to gain back his confidence with Kid's help. =^.^=Soul Eater will take a week break. Episode 39 will be out in 2 weeks time! It will be about Crona's Escape! Sounds interesting. Sigh.. have to wait for 2 weeks.Episode 38After arriving at Shibusen, BJ meets up with Shinigami.Due to Shibusen's failure to retrieve 'Brew', Shinigami invites BJ to Shibusen as a precaution.It's not mentioned specifically what he will do in Shibusen but it seems like it has something to do with the Demon tools Shibusen has collected so far.BJ promises to help as it's his idea anyway.However, he has one condition. He wants all the coffee powder to be changed to top-grade coffee beans! (Coffee freak!! (¬_¬) I personally hate coffee!)Kid has been waiting outside for BJ. He questions BJ about what he is doing at Shibusen and whether it has something to do with the Demon tools. BJ evades the questions and replies with a blatant lie.After that, BJ heads on to the room where the Demon tools are stored. It seems like he is going to destroy some of the things inside the room. Demon tools?!Black Star has a nightmare. In his dream, he's killed by Mifune. He also dreams about Tsubaki telling him he can never use the Demon Blade effectively.Tsubaki skips class to look for Black Star. She tells him that Nygus sensei advises them not to use the Demon Blade mode anymore as it's straining Black Star's body.Black Star strongly opposes the idea. Tsubaki supports Black Star's decision, no matter what.To make himself strong, Black Star decides to challenge Kid. The only way to do so is to.. break a cone and destroy Shibusen's symmetrical beauty! (that was how their first fight began too!)Kid is totally p*ssed! (haha!! I love the OCD Kid)Black Star vs Kid!!Physically, Black Star is stronger. He gets a upper hand, however, he is unable to use his wavelength.According to Sid sensei, Black Star has always been highly confident and strong. However, his recent defeat to Mifune, failure to retrieve 'Brew' and inability to use the Demon Blade mode effectively cause his confidence to hit rock bottom. His lack of confidence causes the change in his soul's wavelength.In the end, Black Star is beaten. Kid can sense something is wrong with Black Star and is concerned about his emotional well-being.That evening, Kid is still at Shibusen fixing the cone. Tsubaki apologizes to him. Kid says it's alright as long as Black Star can safely move on with his life.Soul and Maka pay Black Star a visit.They expect to see a depressed Black Star. Surprisingly, they see a motivated Black Star doing 33460+ push ups! They are happy to see him this way.Meanwhile, Medusa asks Eruka about Crona. Eruka feels that Crona is behaving oddly. He even asks about Stein's condition. Hearing that, Medusa thinks that Crona might not be of any use soon.At the Arachnophobia unit, Mosquito reports to Arachne that the Morality Machine which can act as an Amplifier of Madness has been completed.In Shibusen, Stein is still battling with his insanity. (Poor Stein!!)
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