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Phew! Zero is alive!! \(^.^)/Yuuki chooses Kaname. Real sad for Zero! I feel for him! (T.T)But well, I think this is the best for the 3 of them.Zero - He loves Yuuki but he hates Purebloods. This sort of conflicting feelings will only make him more miserable if Yuuki were to be still with him.Kaname - Before Yuuki makes her final decision, he is actually feeling insecure and a little jealous of Zero. Happiness is written all over his face when Yuuki appears in his room.Yuuki - I feel that her heart is still wavering. Well, good that she's no longer fickle and has made her decision.I have one question! Is Ichijou is alive??! Why is this not answered? (v.v)Shiki is the only one who remembers Ichijou.Among the rubble, Shiki only finds Ichijou's kantana. He believes that that Ichijou is still alive and, with Rima, he continues searching for him. I hope Ichijou is still alive!!Darn Kaname! He only thinks about leaving with Yuuki. He doesn't even care about Ichijou. >.>Anyway, I love the ShikiXRima scenes. So sweet! (^з^)Plot: 9/10Characters: 9/10Entertainment Level: 10/10Animation: 8/10I love both Vampire Knight Guilty and Vampire Knight but I love Vampire Knight Guilty more! I love the twists in the plot, the emotional scenes and the Hot looking guys!! (^_-)-☆There are also many funny moments and Aidou is in almost all of them. ^o^Will there be a 3rd Season? I doubt so but it's not impossible. The ending is somewhat complete but there are still some loose ends. So if they want to continue, I feel that it's possible. I guess it really depends on the DVD sales in Japan. I do hope they will at least have an OVA showing whether Ichijou is still alive.I will miss Vampire Knight!Episode 13Zero manages to injure Rido with his Bloody Rose. Rido escapes.When Rido is sucking blood to regain his energy..Kaname and Zero appears.Kaname can't kill Rido because Rido is his master.So, Kaname helps to distract Rido. Zero then gives Rido the finishing blow.Rido is finally dead. However, Zero is not done yet. He wants to kill Kaname.Yuuki appears in time to stop Zero.Kaname tells Yuuki that it's time for them to set off. He then leaves Yuuki alone with Zero.Kaname bumps into the Night Class Vampires. He reveals to them that he had been using them as 'pawns' to protect Yuuki. Since they have no use for him now so they are allowed to do what they like.Aidou is happy to hear that. The fact that Kaname is going to stop using them as 'pawns' shows that he does care for them. Aidou resolves to follow Kaname. Likewise for Ruka and Akatsuki.Meanwhile, Yuuki is with Zero at the rooftop. Zero says that he still does not believe Yuuki is a vampire. He asks her to bite him to 'prove' it.And, with tears, she bites him. Through his blood, she can feel his feelings for her. (v.v) sad for Zero!With that, Yuuki has 'proved' to Zero that she's a vampire.Zero says "One day.. I'll kill you."Yuuki replies "I'll wait for that day."Somehow, I find it oddly romantic. :PKaname is alone in his room, feeling insecure. He feels that Yuuki will stay with Zero.When Yuuki appears in his room, he's a little surprised. He thinks that Yuuki is with him out of obligation. When Yuuki says that Kaname is also one of the precious persons she wants to protect, Kaname feels happy.Both Cross and Yuuki can't bear to say farewell. But since Yuuki has made her decision, Cross encourages her to follow her feelings and move forward. (what a great Otoosan!)Aidou, Ruka and Akatsuki express their desire to follow Kaname.Kaname, with an indifferent tone and expression, asks them to do as they wish. (¬_¬)Shiki and Rima choose not to follow Kaname. They choose to look for Ichijou. (Good, good!!)However, they cannot find Ichijou. (v.v)Shiki only find his kantana.Shiki poses with Ichijou's kantana! (ohh... cool!)But Rima thinks that the kantana doesn't suit Shiki. (haha)Shiki feels that Ichijou is still alive and wants to find him to return the kantana to him.Rima decides to follow as she has to feed Shiki with Pocky! (aww... so sweet..)Zero returns back to school. At the entrance of the Moon Dorm, he reminisces on the past. He recalls those days of performing guardian duties with Yuuki.With that, Vampire Knight Guilty ends!
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