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Ever since after the 'Brew' battle, Kid has been having doubts about Shibusen and his father. In this episode, the fight against the clowns bring even more doubts to Kid. Remember Fisher King (Episode 30) mentioned before Shinigami and Eibon are actually the same? I guess this is the one big doubt in Kid's mind. With not many episodes of Soul Eater left, I seriously hope they will explain the relationship between Shinigami and Eibon.Anyway, I really like how Kid finishes off the clowns. It's really Symmetrical!! \(^.^)/SummaryOn a mission to retrieve a Demon tool, Kid, Liz, and Pattie make their way to a town called Stone Coffin, whose population was mysteriously wiped out 20 years ago. Thus far, no one has managed to go in and come out of the place alive. Since this is a dangerous task, Kid decides to enter Stone Coffin alone and leave Liz and Pattie outside. The town is deserted and in ruin. Kid wanders around and eventually comes upon a strange blue building. Kid enters the building and finds a long flight of stairs that leads him to a big key. The key is the Demon tool which Kid is looking for. However, the moment Kid gets the key, a giant clown attacks him. The clown reveals that the key is the final Demon tool. It also confesses that it's the one which ate up all the human beings 20 years ago, in order to prevent the Demon tool from being in the hands of unworthy humans. Kid manages to escape from the clown's attack by getting out of the building, but to his surprise, there's another clown outside. The 2 clowns are persistent with their chase and for a moment, Kid is distracted and very impressed with the clowns' symmetry. As a result, Kid is hit on the face. Fortunately, Liz and Pattie appear in time to save him, and they ultimately use Death Cannon attack to defeat the clowns, in a symmetrical manner.After the fight, Kid walks past the remains of one of the clowns. There's a recorded message. The message asks whether the holder of the Demon tool has the will to use the demon tool and it also warns that for those without will, no glory but only destruction awaits. Kid somewhat agrees with the message and wonders to himself who can say that what they are doing is not an irredeemable crime and who can be sure that Shibusen will never misuse the Demon tool. With this, he wonders if he should obediently give the Demon tool to his father.Meanwhile, Maka and Soul are running around aimlessly towards Crona and Marie, who are getting closer to Medusa, who is watching over the battle between Shibusen and Arachnophobia with Stein behind her.PicturesStone CoffinThe last Demon toolKid is so adorable! ^.^ ♥Ouch!!Perfect Symmetry!!Kid is listening to the recorded message.
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