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Luffy and company continue to charge through Level 3 of Impel Down, while the warden assembles power guards at Level 4 in anticipation of Luffy's arrival.Summary:After seeing Hebihime off, Magellan gets a call from Saldeath informing him of the current chaos in the prison. Magellan lets Saldeath and the Blugori handle the riot on Level 2 while he and the other powerful guards assemble on Level 4 in preparation for Luffy's arrival.Back on Level 3, Luffy and Bon run into the demon guard Minotauros, who is a large minotaur wielding a spiked club. Despite its size, the Minotauros is extremely fast and he knocks both Luffy and Bon silly with his spiked club. As the Minotauros moves in to finish Bon, Luffy catches the minotaur with a Jet Bazooka that sends the monster flying. After both Luffy and Bon recover, Bon tells Luffy to climb up a nearby wall, and at the top Luffy discovers that the wall is part of a giant ventilation shaft. The shaft connects down to Level 4 "the Blazing Hell", and a giant fan pulls up the scorching air from Level 4 up into Level 3. Bon explains that they can try jumping down to get to Level 4 the quick way, but if they are unlucky they might land into a boiling lake of blood or a sea of flames. Luffy asks Bon about the person he wanted to see, and Bon explains that he wants to see a person named "Iwa-san" who is the Queen of Kamabakka Kingdom and the idol of okamas (which Bon is one) all over the world.Luffy says NO to milk.As Bon dances around dreaming about his idol, Buggy and Mr. 3 runs towards them while being chased by the Minotauros. Luffy and Bon end up running together with Buggy and Mr. 3 as the Minotauros chases after them all. Buggy takes out a bomb called the "Muggy Ball" and tosses it at the Minotauros, but the bomb fails to take out the demon guard. Bon follows up with a kick to the Minotauros's head and Luffy finally delivers the knockout punch with Tonkachi Rifle encased in Mr. 3's wax.Deeper within the prison, Ace prays that Luffy doesn't continue any further as all the guards have been called to assemble on Level 4.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So Mr. 2 wanted to see someone else other than Sir Crocodile. The Queen of the Kamabakka Kingdom sounds interesting, and I'm pretty sure that's the place where Sanji landed and is being chased by a crowd of okamas. The Minotauros was disappointing given how it was shown knocking out prisoners and even Jimbei in the previous chapters. It did manage to land some hits on Luffy and Bon but it didn't put up much of a fight after Buggy and Mr. 3 showed up. It looks like most of the big action is going to happen on Level 4 as that's where Magellan and his best prison guards are assembled. Luffy and company are badly outnumbered at this point, but our hero will probably add a few more members to his dungeon-crawling party.
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